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Executive Board

Fall 2015 - Summer 2018

President: Jonathan Blitz

Vice President: Grant Sterling

Executive Assistant: Jeannie Ludlow

Treasurer: Gene Deerman (interim Treasurer for spring 2016, Debra Reid)

Unit A Representative: Sace Elder

Unit B ACF Representative: Lucinda Berry

Unit B ASP Representative: Debbie Barker

Grievance Officer: Tim Shonk: tasupi4@gmail.com

Assistant Grievance Officer: Charles Delman

Secretary: Ed Wehrle



Balloting Committee

David Carwell, Chair

Nora Pat Small

Committee on Political Action and Legislation (CPAL)

Bailey Young, Chair

Membership Committee

Steve Brantley, Chair

Committee (pdf)

UPI Representative, CUPB

Sace Elder


Department Representatives

Department Representatives (pdf) 

Department Representatives Handbook (pdf)


House of Delegates

Fall 2015 - Summer 2018 House of Delegates