Faculty Laureate

NOMINATIONS ARE BEING SOUGHT for Eastern Illinois University's 2017 Faculty Laureate. Each year, this award recognizes a faculty member for excellence in teaching general education classes. Nominations and supporting materials should be submitted, either in a single PDF file or in hard copy, to Dr. Rebecca Throneburg, Communication Disorders & Sciences Department. The deadline for submitting nominations and supporting materials is 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

EIU's Faculty Laureates

2017     Dr. Teshome Abebe, Economics
2016     Dr. Richard Jones , Communication Studies
2015     Dr. Jeannie Ludlow , English and Women's Studies
2014     Dr. Grant Sterling, Philosophy
2013     Dr. Michael Mulvaney, Recreation Administration
2012     Dr. Jeffrey Stowell, Psychology
2011     Dr. David Smith, History
2010     Mr. Cameron Craig and Mr. Keith Spear, Geology/Geography and English
2009     Dr. Reed Benedict, Sociology
2008     Dr. Melinda Mueller, Political Science
2007     Dr. Ann Fritz, Biological Sciences
2006     Dr. Lynne Curry, History
2005     Dr. Fern Kory, English
2004     Dr. Nancy Marlow, School of Business
2003     Dr. Jean Wolski, Theatre Arts
2002     Dr. David Raybin, English
2001     Dr. Doug Bock, Communication Studies
2000     Dr. Bud Fischer, Biological Sciences
1999     Dr. Alan Baharlou, Geology-Geography
1998     Dr. Bonnie Irwin, English