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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

March and Rally at the State Capitol

11 a.m.


We’re heading to Springfield to demonstrate all-out support for HB 174 – the bill to reform Illinois’ tax system and raise desperately needed new revenues.
Join thousands of other AFSCME members, as well as teachers, college students, child care providers, clergy, disability advocates, and many more from across the state, in a massive demonstration of force and determination at the state Capitol.
Our state is falling apart, with local governments on the ropes, nonprofit agencies barely staying afloat, education—from K through college—being slashed, and pensions and retiree health benefits under attack. That’s why we’re opening up the biggest front yet in the all-out war to fix Illinois’ fiscal mess.
With a $13 billion deficit, the state can’t even pay its bills — and that includes hundreds of millions of dollars already owed to state universities. As a result state universities are struggling just to meet payroll — while demanding concessions from employees and threatening tuition hikes for students. Now Gov. Quinn is proposing to CUT some $200 million from state university budgets. HB 174 will not only prevent that cut, it will provide MORE state funding to universities — and ensure that the state can pay what it owes on time.
The people of Illinois are sick and tired of watching our state go downhill while too many elected officials worry about nothing but getting reelected. That’s why AFSCME is joining with over 300 organizations in the Responsible Budget Coalition in the biggest state Capitol protest ever. We’re demanding that legislators quit their ducking and dodging and support legislation like HB 174 to raise the revenues that Illinois needs.
Every AFSCME member has a stake in this fight. So plan to come to Springfield with a busload or a carload of your co-workers, and help raise the stakes for wavering legislators. Remind them that their jobs are on the line, too.
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