Editors: John Kilgore, David Radavich, and Daiva Markelis.

Home page design:
Christy Kilgore-Hadley

Cover and Page Designs:
Christy Kilgore-Hadley
and John Kilgore

Cover art by Joanne Warfield

Webslave: John Kilgore

Thanks to Ryan Gibson, Janel Moore, and Stuart Balcomb for help
and technical advice.

Agora is an online journal of news, opinion, and creative expression written and produced by members of the English Department of Eastern Illinois University. Opinions expressed are exclusively those of the authors and do not reflect official policies of Eastern Illinois University or the EIU English Department. Authors retain copyright in all cases. Readers are welcome to print 1-2 copies for personal use. For permission to make additional copies, contact the authors. Please do not submit manuscripts, as publication in the journal is by invitation only.





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