Internal Governing Policies


#52.1 - Posthumous Recognition

Approved: November 16, 2009

Monitor: President

Students actively pursuing a degree program who die during their period of study at the University may be considered for posthumous recognition as follows:

  1. A posthumous degree may be awarded upon the recommendation of the appropriate college dean and the Provost subject to the President’s or designee’s approval.  The degree may be awarded to a student who was completing the final semester of course work required for the degree at the time of death, or would have been eligible to participate in the Commencement exercises at the end of the semester in which death occurred based on “exceptionality” procedures as stipulated in IGP #50.  A diploma will be issued but no entry will be made on the academic transcript.
  2. A posthumous certificate of attendance may be awarded by the President, or designee, to a student who has completed at least one year of attendance at the University.