Internal Governing Policies


#138.1 - Posting and Distribution of Materials

Approved: September 28, 2009

Monitor: Vice President for Student Affairs

No announcements, advertising, signs or printed matter may be placed on the interior or exterior walls, windows, or doors of any building (except in residences as permitted by Office of University Housing and Dining policy, in individual offices, or on designated posting areas), on trees, lampposts, trash containers, fences, sidewalks, grounds or equipment of the University.  Advertising on parked vehicles, without prior written permission from the Campus Scheduling Office, is prohibited.

Bulletin boards are maintained by the University for academic use, for University business, or for other authorized purposes.  The privilege of using such facilities for the promotion of co-curricular activities, for other events of interest to the University community, or for commercial purposes, is provided on a space available basis, subject to the following limitations and restrictions:

Registered student organizations or off-campus public service organizations may post, with advance approval from the Campus Scheduling Office, items which promote on-campus co-curricular activities or other events of educational or public service interest to the University community, provided that unrestricted bulletin boards are used in accordance with this policy.  A list of boards available for such purposes is available from the Campus Scheduling Office.  Postings must include the name of the primary sponsoring department, Registered Student Organization, or other entity permitted to post on campus.  Postings are limited to one per board, should not exceed 11"x 27", and are not to be placed over other current posters.  Standard desktop staples, thumb tacks, or push pins are to be used; the use of tape or commercial staple guns is prohibited.   Posted materials will normally be removed within 30 days or after the event or activity.  The use and placement of banners, sandwich boards, or other signs are subject to prior approval by the Campus Scheduling Office.

Each Residence Hall has a designated board for public posting.  Any posting on this board must be approved through the Campus Scheduling Office.  Once approved, the poster can be placed by the individual receiving the approval.  Only one poster per individual can be placed at each posting location.

The advertising of commercial products, services, or off-campus businesses will be restricted to specified bulletin boards in limited locations, a list of which is available from the Campus Scheduling Office, unless otherwise approved by the Assistant Director, Campus Scheduling or designee.  University bulletin boards may not be used to publicize events or activities which are unlawful or in violation of the Student Conduct Code.

Distribution of non-commercial handout literature is permitted outside of buildings, subject to reasonable time and place, and manner restrictions.  Distribution of commercial handout literature is prohibited on campus without prior permission from the Campus Scheduling Office.