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Luke Adams takes first place in the 70th Annual premier Anneversry Boys State Oration contest.

Keller Volleyball takes 2nd place in East Wing Round Robbin.

Vikram Karandikar is elected to supreme Court Chief Jusice.

City Office
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Welcome to Keller County's webiste. As a member of the East Wing Counties, we are compromised of four cities: Ringley, Shaw, Briese, and Elliott Cities. As one of the more vocal and spirited counties, we pride ourselves in being a close-knit group of so called brothers....
Come into a world of Law & Business. Where people rights are determined by themselves. Men can make there own decions. Please feel free to rom around as I take up space. Who ever is grading this Please give us a chance.


A special thank you goes to Eeastern Illinois University for giving us great hospitality and for feeding us. I know there are many different opinons on that subject. Thank you also for giving us an oppurntunity of a life time. So thank you again Eastern Illinois University for your services. Thank you so much.

Here is a picture of Dimitri paninting one of his possies face. Click on the Arrow below to view more pictures!!!!
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