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The Illinois members of the American Legion have long ago established a tradition of excellent leadership and governmental training for the youth of Illinois. Premiere Boys State continues to train the leaders of tomorrow. In Boys State, the "citizens" establish city, county, and state governments that will be their lawmakers. This mock government is only part of the experience gained here at Boys State. Other activities such as basketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball, essay contests, public speaking contest, and lobbying proposals. This conglomeration of activities and the addition of the personalities of high school juniors across the state makes Boys State an unforgettable experience.

This is Savage County, which is the greatest county to be apart of Boys State. Our motto is simple, "Beat Stelle!" We have grown in unity to be a strong county to face all obstacles to become a contender for Model County. Our county has 4 cities, Armstrong, Canty, Nichles, and Nooner. We would like to thank the American Legion for their amazing support and will to bring us to this event. Without the financial, social, and physical support of these Legionnaires, Boys State would not exist. A tremendous thanks to Eastern Illinois University for the use of their facilities. Eastern is a great location for Premier Boys State.

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