It (Premier Boys State) has allowed me to take an active part in society not governed by our parents...I have learned to interact in a positive and prosperous manner".

1995 Boys State Governor Steve Yenchko of
Glenwood High School

Boys State Elections

Nearly 900 Boys State citizens take part in elections designed to teach them about voting and the election process in a democratic society. This hands on experience has helped keep the tradition of Boys State alive for over 60 years
As the participants arrive at Eastern Illinois University, each boy becomes a citizen of one of the 32 cities. They each receive a party designation as Nationalist or Federalist.

Four cities are grouped to form a county. These eight counties comprise Boys State. The cities, counties, and the state create a structure for the election process.

With political and residency affiliations, the politics of Boys State loosely parallels traditional elections at the city, county, and state levels. Realism guides the proceedings as the candidates are required to follow election regulations.

Counselors in each city select three judges to serve on the election board. Candidates are selected through party caucuses using the system of party convention.

Ballots used at Premier Boys State are similar to those used in traditional elections.


Awards of Premier Boys State

Several awards are given to participants of Premier Boys State they include the following:
  • Oratorical Contest Awards,
  • Essay Contest Awards,
  • Sportsmanship Awards,
  • Model Citizen Award,
  • Boys Nation Award,
  • Commanders Award, and
  • The Overall Model County Award.

These awards are given to participants at the conclusion of the camp to recognize outstanding young leaders.


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