Judicial Process School

The Judicial Process School stresses responsibility as the key to being good citizens and future public officials to all Boy Staters. Discussed are the roles of attorneys to both client and country, the purpose of laws to protect the judicial system, and the rights of each U.S. citizen.

A mock lawsuit is presented in cooperation with the Illinois Bar Association. This lawsuit goes through all stages, from the pre-trial proceedings to the appellate court level.

Legislative Process School

The goal of any legislature is to represent its constituents' with the passage of constitutional laws. The Legislative Process School centers on the role and function of the federal and state legislatures. Laws are made in a democratic society through a series of processes. Discussed are the ways in which a bill becomes a law.

Electoral Process School

Throughout the week of Premier Boys State, the boys in Electoral Process School explore the importance of responsible citizenship.

They learn about the duties inherent in participating in a modern democratic society, and take steps toward coming informed voters. This school develops in its students the means to attain the knowledge to serve their country as citizens.

Executive Process School

The Executive Process School takes its students through an informative week which helps them to understand the Executive Process, and its relation to the other governmental branches.


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