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List of Ledger 7 organizations that require budgets to be submitted and approved

Org NumberArea
721701Student Publication Equipment Resv
722001Ctr for Eductl Studies Equip Resv
722401Health Studies Equipment Reserve Fd
722501Audit Fitness Equipment Reserve
723301SLH Clinic Service Equipment Resv
723501Geol-Geog USDA Equipment Reserve
724001BTI Equipment Reserve
724201Child Development Lab Equip Resv
725001Media Center Plant Reserve
725002Booth Lbry Copy Machine Equip Resv
726001SCE Credit Gen Equipment Resv
726003SCE Non-Credit Gen Equipment Resv
72A002ATAC Local Equipment Reserve
72B001Transcript Equipment Reserve
730002Parking Equipment Reserve
730003Univ Lounge Facilities Equip Resv
734001Computer Service Equipment Reserve
734101EASTEL Equipment Reserve
734102Campus Card Equipment Reserve
734103Postage Equipment Reserve
735001Garage Revolving Equipment Reserve
744001Health Service Equipment Reserve
746001Sports & Recreation Equipment Resv
746002Fac-Staff Recreation Equipment Resv
747001New Student Orientation Equip Resv
74A001Textbook Rental Plant Reserve
74A002Repair & Replacment - TRS
74E001Athletics Equipment Reserve
751001Commencement Fee Equipment Reserve
754001Radio-TV Services Equipment Reserve
756002Commencement Fee Equipment Reserve

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