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About the Office of Civil Rights and Diversity (OCR)/Title IX Coordinator

The Office of Civil Rights and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator provides administrative, consultative, and support services to the university community in the areas of Affirmative Action, Civil Rights, Equal Opportunity, and Diversity. The office also facilitates compliance awareness and promotes an inclusive community through education and outreach initiatives. Select responsibilities include:
  • Recommend, Monitor, and Evaluate Policies
    • Employment of faculty and administrators
    • Recruitment and retention of underrepresented persons within the university workforce
    • Gender Equity and Title IX
    • Civil Rights Compliance
    • Campus Climate
    • Diversity Initiatives
  • Investigate
    • civil rights complaints
  • Training
    • Effective recruiting and employment
    • Nondiscrimination and preventing sexual harassment
    • Valuing Diversity
    • University policies, procedures, expectations
We encourage you to contact us with questions or report issues related to discrimination or harassment. Help us make EIU a welcoming and positive community for all. You may reach us by e-mail at civil@eiu.edu, phone at (217) 581-5020, or stop by our office in Old Main, Room 1011