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Steps of the Complaint Process

The complainant will interviewed upon the filing of a complaint. In most cases the accused person will be interviewed immediately thereafter. If a dispute as to a material fact exists, additional witness statements will be taken, and appropriate documents will be reviewed. All parties are encouraged to contact the office at any time during the investigation and to provide information as necessary. Investigations are usually completed within 60 days.

  1. Has a complaint been filed that at first glance, seems to have merit?
    • No, Without a complaint, or if the complaint lacks merit, the University may be unable to proceed with a formal investigation.
    • Yes, Proceed to 2.
  2. Is it possible and appropriate to seek an informal resolution?
    • No, The office will conduct a formal investigation. The complainant and accused person will be interviewed, and an investigative report will be submitted to the appropriate VP.
    • Yes, The office will seek to mediate the dispute