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Thesis Titles
Does menu labeling effect consumer choices? A. R. Waters, J. Painter, C. Honselman, K. Kennedy-Hagan, 2012
Nutrition facts panel components: Utilization by consumers - C. A. Huth, C. Honselman, L. Simpson, 2012
Evaluation of menu-labeling effect's on restaurant patrons' meal choices - S. E. Knoll, K. Kennedy-Hagan, C. Honselman, R. Wilkinson, 2012
Adolescent athletes' use of and attitudes toward performance enhancing supplements - S. R. Smith, K. Kennedy-Hagan, C. Honselman, J. Painter, 2012
The role of vegetarian options in ampus dining; Acceptability of vegetarian burgers - J. D. Roche, K. Kennedy-Hagan, J. Painter, C. Honselman, 2012
Knowledge, application and he impact of nutriton education of portion sizes in female adolescents - D. Fearday, K. Kennedy-Hagan, C. Honselman, M.L. Hubbard, 2012
Evaluation of knowledge, beliefs and use of nutritional ergogenic aids amongst collegiate athletes - M. Lewis, K. Kennedy-Hagan, C. Honselman, 2012
Diet, physical activity, and lifestyle factors that influence weight change the first year of college - S. R. Gaines, K. Kennedy-Hagan, L. Brooks, R. Wilkinson, 2011
Comparison of nutrative value, cost, viscosity, and acceptability among three developed oral nutritional supplements and a standar commercially-prepared supplement - C. Huxel, M. Burns, K. O'Rourke, L. Simpson, 2010
Influential factors contributing to compliance and/or non-compliance with the gluten free diet for celiac disease individuals - J.Barnes, K. Kennedy-Hagan, K. O'Rourke, J. Painter, 2010
Food Selection Trends and Requirements of Students Participating in the National School Lunch Program - P. Ona, K. Kennedy-Hagan, C. Honselman, L. Taylor, 2010
Influence of music tempo on caloric consumption in a restaurant setting - R. Rogers, C. Honselman, M. Burns, R. Wilkinson, 2009
The acceptance of heart healthy food items among college students – W. Mohammed Alrayyes, J. Painter, K. Kennedy-Hagan, C. Honselman, 2009
A content analysis of food advertisements during children’s TV programming –  J. Hurt, M. Burns, K. O’Rourke, R Wilkinson, 2009
Factors affecting dietary compliance in the adolescent with type 1 diabetes –  M. J. Bargren, K. Kennedy-Hagan, 2009
Impact of alcohol on dietary behaviors of male college students – C. Rozella, 2009
Applying the theory of planned behavior on consumption of fruits and vegetables among university students – A. Ison, M. Burns, K. O’Rourke, R. Wilkinson, 2008
The effect of social pressure on eating habits of college students – D. Wilcox, K. Kennedy-Hagan, J. Painter, R. Wilkinson, 2008
The effect of suggestive selling by wait staff on food consumption – G. Zumwalt, K. Kennedy-Hagan, C. Honselman, K. Rhodes, J. Painter, 2008
Effects of a health program on dietary behaviors, physical activity and weight loss in college students – M. McCallister, M. Burns, K. O’Rourke, 2008
Effects of living arrangement and meals eaten alone on the nutritional status of older adults - K. Boeger, K. Kennedy-Hagan, J. Snyder, R. Wilkinson, 2008
Older adults’ food choices associated with cardiovascular health – S. Clarkson, K. Kennedy-Hagan, K. O’Rourke, M. Brown, 2007
Iron consumption knowledge for the prevention of iron deficiency and iron -deficiency anemia among college-aged women – J. Vissers, K. Kennedy-Hagan, M. Burns, K. O’Rourke, 2007
Dietetic students’ attitudes toward overweight/obese people – S. R. Stluka, M. Burns, K. Kennedy-Hagan, K. O'Rourke, 2006
The correlation between date violence and disordered eating in college aged women - Kenzia N. Hartman, J. Painter, R. Wilkinson, K. Kennedy-Hagan, 2006
Diabetes awareness among children: a comparison study of diabetes knowledge in school-age children between U.S. and Kuwait – N. Y. Bu-Maryoum, J. Painter, K. Kennedy-Hagan, M. Meadows, 2006
Differences Among Third Graders' Body Index (BMI) Levels, Gender, Race, and Number of Minutes Spent Weekly in Physical Education – K. Devine, K. Kennedy-Hagan, K. O'Rourke, J. Painter, 2006
Comparison of perceived and actual nutrition needs for college age students – A. Goetz, M. Burns, K. O'Rourke, K. Kennedy-Hagan, 2005
Factors impacting mothers’ decision to breastfeed:  Mothers attitudes in Kuwait – A. H. Al-Hawwaj, J. Painter, M. Meadows, K. Kennedy-Hagan, 2004
Folic acid:  Consumption and knowledge for the prevention of neural tube defects among college-aged women – L. M. Stahlhut, 2004
Relationship among membership in recognized student organizations of body image satisfaction and eating behaviors of university students – B. G Cavallero, 2004
Plate waste trends of kindergarten students participating in the National School Lunch Program – S. E. Dust, 2004
Factors influencing undergraduate students' career choice in dietetics  - C. L. Bolibol, 2003
Determining barriers to service and preferred methods of nutrition education for working and student Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) participants -  S. L. Bess, 2003
Perceived benefits of membership in a district dietetic association - K. A. Sullivan, 2003
Adolescent breastfeeding and Illinois Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program participants - by R. A Antonacci, 2001   
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