The Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

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Complete Program Available Online Summer 2017
18-Hour Online Certificate Program

The Teaching Certificate (CTW) is an ideal way for high school and middle-level educators to pursue professional development with only one required course, ENG 5585, Writing Project for K-12 Teachers.

CTW Advantages

  • Qualify for Dual-Credit Certification
  • Complete Professional Development requirements
  • Connect with Writing Teachers in the Region through EIU's Eastern Illinois Writing Project  which is allied with the National Writing Project

Pre-Requisites for Admission

  • Fully certified at high school or middle school level
  • Non ELA educators may use the certificate for ELA endorsement
  • Non-certified students (who have completed a BA degree) may enroll with approval of the Graduate Coordinator and Chair of the Department of English.

How to Apply

  • Follow the MyEIU link to begin the application process
  • In addition to the application fee, you will need to submit a résumé/cv and a professional statement (describing your goals for the certificate and areas of interest or expertise).

Required Courses

• ENG 5585 Writing Project for K-12 Teachers (6 crs.)

(A hybrid online course offered only in summer as part of EIU’s Summer Writing Institute.)


Students choose at least four of the following three-credit courses:

• ENG 4760 Studies in Professional Writing*

• ENG 4765 Professional Editing

• ENG 4801 Integrating the English Language Arts

• ENG 4906 Problems in the Teaching of English*

• ENG 5007 Composition Theory and Pedagogy

• ENG 5011 Studies in Composition and Rhetoric*

• ENG 5061 Special Topics in Literature and Literary Theory*

• ENG 5091 Studies in Language, Linguistics, and Literacy*

       * May be taken more than once

NOTE: no more than 9 credits (or 3 courses) between 4750 and 5000 may count toward the MA degree in English

For further information, contact Dr. Suzie Park (sapark@eiu.edu), Graduate Coordinator, English Department, Eastern Illinois University.