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Dr. Peter Ping Liu, Director of the Center for Clean Energy and Research Education (CENCERE)

Dr. Peter Ping Liu, Director

Dr. Peter Ping Liu, Director of the Center for Clean Energy Research and Education (CENCERE) and professor of technology, currently serves as the coordinator of the Masters of Science in Sustainable Energy graduate program. Dr. Liu also serves as the assistant chair in the School of Technology.

Dr. Liu's teaching and research interests focus on renewable energy, advanced database technology (Oracle), system administration, biomedical devices, quality assurance, quality management systems, failure analysis and system reliability. He received his doctorate from Iowa State University in 1991.

Since his appointment to the CENCERE program in 2011, Dr. Liu has provided outstanding leadership for the program. Under Dr. Liu’s leadership, CENCERE has integrated research and learning with operational capacities available at the EIU Renewable Energy Center by creating a core group of faculty and staff committed to furthering renewable energy research and education. CENCERE involves staff members from Facilities Planning and Management, students and faculty members from several departments including biological sciences, business, chemistry, communication studies, economics, geology/geography, physics, the school of business and the school technology.

For more information about the CENCERE program, the Masters of Science in Sustainable Energy contact Dr. Peter Ping Liu, PhD, PE, CQE, OCP and CSTM at pliu@eiu.edu or 217-581-7426.