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Research Leaders

Research AgendaLeader(s)
Bio-Resources Dr. Thomas Canam
Biomass Gasification Dr. Jerry Cloward
Bio-Diesel Daniel Johnson
Micro-Biological Digestion Dr. Steven Daniel
Computer Simulation and Modeling Dr. Rendong Bai
Environmental and Ecological Impact Dr. Karen Gaines
Fermentation and Biochemistry Dr. Gopal Periyannan
Geo-Economic Analysis Dr. Chris Laingen
Partnership with Farmers Dr. Karen Gaines, Dr. Chris Laingen
Wind Energy Dr. Isaac Slaven
Biomass Processing Dr. Peter Ping Liu, Dr. Gopal Periyannan
Fuel and Chemical Synthesis Dr. Zhiqing Yan
Supply Chain Development and Management Dr. David Melton
Bio-Decomposition Dr. Andrew Methven
Catalysis for Energy Applications Dr. Svetlana Mitrovski
Clean Air/Water Policy Dr. Melinda Mueller