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Resources for Clean Renewable Energy

Video: EIU Renewable Energy Center

Eastern Illinois University and Honeywell unveil new Renewable Energy Center — one of the largest university biomass installations in the U.S. Click the above link to watch the video on YouTube.

Virtual Tour: Renewable Energy Center

Click the above link to tour the Renewable Energy Center with Ryan Siegel, EIU Campus Energy and Sustainability Coordinator. 

Video: Gasifier Experimenter's Kit: An Interview with Jerry Cloward, Ph.D.

Dr. Jerry Cloward, an Assistant Professor in the School of Technology at Eastern Illinois University, talks about the School of Technology's Gasifier Experimenter's Kit. Click the above link to watch the video on YouTube.

Video: EIU Conversation Program 102

Featuring a tour of the Renewable Energy Center at Eastern Illinois University. Recorded September 2011. Featuring EIU President, Dr. William Perry and host Jack Neal, General Manager, WEIU TV. Click the above link to watch the video on YouTube.

Video: EIU 2012 IDEA Campus Energy Video Contest Submission

Eastern Illinois University submission to the International District Energy Association's 2012 Campus Energy Video Contest. Video submitted by Wesley Smith, Bobson Mercier and Keith Sutterfield. Click the above link to watch the video on YouTube.

Peter Ping Liu's Presentation at Charleston High School

 A presentation on "Renewable Energy: Reduce Greenhouse Gas and Dependence on Oil" was made to Mrs. Easter's Physical Sciences class.  Click the above link to open the Power Point file.

Science, Technology and Bioenergy

A brief article written by Peter Ping Liu, attempting to connect between bioenergy with science and technolgy.  Have fun by clicking the above link.

Biomass Energy Data Book: Edition 3

The purpose of this data book is to draw together, under one cover, biomass data
from diverse sources to produce a comprehensive document that supports anyone with an interest or
stake in the biomass industry. - U.S. Department of Energy.

United Nations Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development - or Rio+20 - resulted in a focused political outcome document which contains clear and practical measures for implementing sustainable development. Click on the link above for more information.

Booth Resources on Renewable Energy

Booth Library has a number of initiatives in place for resource and instruction support for the study of renewable energy.

Databases on Renewable Energy in Booth Library

Subject specific databases on renewable energy.