Faculty Column Guidelines

The primary purpose of the Faculty Column is to provide the faculty with the opportunity to communicate more frequently with each other. Such communication can be in the form of discussion of topics of common interest and exchanging ideas on any subject relevant to university affairs.

  • The Faculty Senate, therefore, welcomes and encourages participation by faculty members.
  • The Electronic Faculty Column is posted on the Faculty Senate Web page. Submissions are not posted to the site immediately. They go in to a queue to be moderated.
  • The moderators are appointed by the Faculty Senate. The Senate does not accept submissions that include defamatory statements or raise other significant legal concerns. It also prohibits the discussion of specific ongoing personnel disputes. The Faculty Senate will not edit your submission, but we reserve the right not to post comments that violate our submission guidelines.
  • Anonymous submission is not accepted. Submission must include the author’s name, title, department, EIU e-mail address, and telephone number.
  • These guidelines can be revised or superseded by the action of the Faculty Senate.
  • Submissions are made to facultycolumn@eiu.edu