Department of Geology/Geography

Department of Geology/Geography

The Department of Geology/Geography is dedicated to providing students an exceptional Integrative Learning experience in the geosciences. With outstanding laboratories, equipment, and first rate professors and instructors, students graduate with a firm foundation that leads them to rewarding career opportunities or post-graduate degrees.

The department offers many areas of study/focus such as Geology, Geography, Geographic Information Science, Broadcast Meteorology, Earth Science Teaching, Social Science Teaching, Environmental and International Studies. To harness student potential, the department works with local businesses and local/state governments to provide paid internship opportunities.

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EIU Geographers Premier "Illinois' Skies"

Illinois' Skies is a quarterly magazine that features stories about the skies and landscapes of Illinois, the Midwest, the Nation, and the world.

In this edition of "Illinois' Skies:" Cloud Classification, Storm Tracks, California Drought, and the infamous Polar Vortex. Watch the Vernal Equinox Edition...


Craig & Page Investigate the Effects of Drought in California

Drought east of the Rockies is much different than drought west of the Rockies. While the lack of precipitation in the Midwest affects crops and water supply in rural regions, drought impacts farmers and agriculture in a serious way that leads to unemployment.

Project directors, Cameron Craig and Nate Page, traveled to the Central Valley in California to talk with water officials about the influence of drought on agriculture and urban centers. Read More from TCPFilms...


EIU Film Team Plans Project to Southwest

At the beginning of each semester, Cameron Craig, geographer in the Department of Geology/Geography, asks his classes the primary question that gets to the essence of the situation, "how will we all endure as water resources dwindle with a changing climate?" With puzzled expressions, he sometimes gets a single response, "there is no concern, we have plenty of water." Read More...



Your SkyWatch Brief


A Service of WEIU NewsWatch and EIU WeatherCenter in the Department of Geology/Geography

The Department's Integrative Learning Opportunities

Selected short film productions from the Department of Geology/Geography and Tempestas et Caelum Productions demonstrating the vast opportunities available from the department at Eastern Illinois University.


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12.2 mph N

 09:27 AM 04/24/14

WEIU Radar

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Observation: Friday, June 7, 2013 6:00 PM CDT
Maximum: 77F
Minimum: 57F
Current: 68F
Precipitation: 0.48"

M. Cloudy Calm Cool

Observer: JRM
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