GISci Laboratory Facilities

The Geography Program at EIU has maintained a computer mapping & analysis laboratory for some time.  Originally, the facility was known as the Cartography Laboratory until 1995, then as the Geographic Information Analysis Laboratory from 1995 until 2005, when it became the current Geographic Information Science Laboratory.  The main teaching classroom contains 23 modern computer stations, computer podium, a high-resolution overhead projection system, an 11 x 17 scanner, a large format (11 x 17) color laser printer and a high resolution black and white laser printer.  The GIS, Remote Sensing and Cartography classes use the most current versions of the industry-leading software.  All software, computers, printers and modern work stations are purchased and maintained by the Department.

Additionally, an adjacent facility, the Special Projects Laboratory, contains 4 modern, dual-monitor computer stations, 6 survey-grade Leica GPS units, 40 hand-held Garmin GPS units, a 60” HP 5500 Design Jet Plotter and a 44” Contex SD4430 large format scanner.  Within the Special Projects Laboratory, student and faculty researchers and interns working on grants or contracts can maintain secure access to hardware, software, databases, plotters, and field map archives.  All computers, software and plotters in the Special Projects Lab are purchased and maintained by the Department. 

In cooperation with Facilities Planning and Management, the Geography Program acquired and maintains a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) on campus.  This station provides operators of survey-grade GPS instruments the ability to obtain extremely precise geospatial data.  It is currently used by surveyors, federal and state highway agencies and their contractors as well as faculty and interns working out of the GISci Laboratory.  The EIU CORS facility is an integral part of a larger statewide network of reference stations, currently allowing survey-grade GPS to be obtained over much of the state.