Geographic Information Sciences Minor (Interdisciplinary)

This minor provides students with an integrated program of study that allows them to acquire the fundamentals of current mapping methodologies. With diverse needs for precise, timely acquisition of spatial data, its analysis and cartographic presentation, the curriculum allows students to complement their majors by using current, standard mapping equipment, software and hardware.
Total Semester Hours: 18


A. Six semester hours in:

B. Three semester hours from:

C. Nine additional semester hours from some combination of:


One of the following:


( * ) Must contain a GISci component approved by the course instructor and student’s advisor.
( ** ) Biology majors must take at least 6 semester hours from the selection of BIO courses.
(***)  Must be Planetary Geology seminar.
(Geography majors must take at least 3 semester hours from courses listed other than GEG courses)