Broadcast Meteorology

The Broadcast Meteorology Minor is a combined program between the departments of Geology/Geography and Communication Studies at Eastern Illinois University. Since its inception in the fall of 2005, the minor has attracted regional and national attention. By merging both the science and the principles of communication into the program, students will understand the importance of being a broadcast meteorologist at any level. At Eastern Illinois University we take great pride in providing students a strong and everlasting foundation in whatever career path they pursue. In the departments of Geology/Geography and Communicaion Studies we work to provide student an exceptional Integrative Learning experience that puts the industry in their hands everyday throughout their four years at EIU. Broadcasting courses offered in the Communication Studies department focus on the production and delivery with a mulitude of hands-on experiences while in the classroom. Enhancing that experience, the atmospheric science and physical geography courses offered through the Department of Geology/Geography fulfil the reason a student desires to be a broadcast meteorologist.

While both departments work parallel to provide a firm foundation, the Broadcast Meteorology Practicum merges the scientific process with the principles of communication into one single track allowing the student to focus on his/her methods of forecasting and broadcasting. This course has been designed to provide broadcast meteorology students daily practice in broadcasting and forecasting. Students enrolled in the course learn advanced meteorological concepts (i.e. synoptic meteorology and thermodynamics), research and determine a forecast, and deliver their findings in front of a camera and green wall in the instructor's office in the Department of Geology/Geography every day. "You cannot be a concert pianist if you do not practice your art on a daily basis," says Cameron Craig, Geography instructor. Once the students complete the course, they will be evaluated to fill open forecast positions for the EMMY Award Winning NewsWatch program at WEIU-TV. Once students graduate having gone through the required courses, completing the practicum, and working at WEIU, their career path is an easy one.

We have former students currently broadcasting the weather at WCIA, WICD, WAND, and WLFI.

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Local, regional, and national weather conditions are the most significant environmental factors affecting our activities. Current short and long-range weather information is an integral part of modern electronic media. This interdisciplinary minor prepares students to effectively communicate complex weather information to multiple audiences utilizing the electronic media.

For more information about the Broadcast Meteorology Minor at Eastern Illinois University, contact Cameron Craig.

EIUs Broadcast Meteorology Practicum (2010) from Tempestas et Caelum Films on Vimeo.