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About TCP Films

Tempestas et Caelum Productions believes in the diversity of humanity and the preservation of the environment for future generations. It is the story of whom we are in a vast landscape we call Earth. TCPFilms believes in the celebration of many beliefs and attitudes that make us unique in a vast world of cultural and environmental differences. Cameron Douglas Craig created TCPFilms so that students would have a unique stage to explore the world around them without prejudice. Truth comes from discovery.

Tempestas et Caelum Productions, which means "weather and climate" or "storm and sky," was established to give students at Eastern Illinois University and in the Department of Geology/Geography a platform on which to communicate their fresh new ideas for the future. Tempestas et Caelum Productions was created by geographer, climatologist, and documentarian, Cameron Craig, to provide students of science, broadcast meteorology, technology, humanities, and the arts experience in producing documentaries. The organization is a division of the department's Integrative Learning experience at Eastern Illinois University.

In its humble beginnings in 2006, the independent film organization produced its first production, "An Illinois Winter," that required students to research and write a script about the Winter of the Deep Snow in Illinois in 1830-31. In 2007, co-owners Cameron Craig, and Kevin Jeanes began their significant eight-part documentary project, "Expedition Nature's Realm," that explores the coexistence between humanity and nature that is Earth. Craig's major project was his historical film, "Stinging Dust & Forgotten Lives: The Dust Bowl," which delves into the causes and emotional struggle of the Great Plains farmers. In 2010, after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Craig took three students to investigate the impact of the oil spill on the residents of Dauphin Island, Alabama for the documentary, "Returning to Paradise: Voices of the Human Spirit."

Since 2009, Tempestas et Caelum Productions has widened its scope of documentary projects to allow students of various backgrounds experience in telling their story in their own way. The ultimate purpose is to provide students the opportunity to explore their geographic world through film.

Tempestas Productions believes in letting the students take the platform and critically think about their world, past and future. Without these younger thoughts, our world will never progress. Tempestas Productions at Eastern Illinois University has become very popular among students whom desire a Chance to tell their story. And their story will continue to be told in order to give those Chances.

With the non-financial support of the Department of Geology/Geography, College of Sciences, and WEIU-PBS at Eastern Illinois University, the organization continues to support the goal of providing students with a foundation that will enhance their future careers and protect the only thing worth saving...Our Home.

The Department in Action

"Full-Length Productions Seen on PBS"

Returning to Paradise: Voices of the Human Spirit-A Preview (2011)
Exploring Illinois' Winter on the Prairie (2010)
Expedition Nature's Realm: A Microscopic Realm (2007) Episode 3
Expedition Nature's Realm: An Invasive Nature (2008) Episode 4
Expedition Nature's Realm: Fields of Plenty (2008) Episode 5
Expedition Nature's Realm: A Looming Disaster (2008) Episode 6
Expedition Nature's Realm: The Full Circle (2008) Episode 7
Expedition Nature's Realm: The Expedition (2008) Episode 8
An Illinois Winter (2006)
A World of Winter (2004) from Indiana State University Climate Laboratory


"A Moment in Nature's Realm." Nature Music Videos

Clouds over Yellowstone National Park (2009)
Tower Falls, Yellowstone National Park (2009)
Appalachian Woodland: Great Smoky Mountains National Park (2009)
Yellowstone Geysers: Old Faithful (2009)
The Magnificent Colors of Autumn in Charleston, IL (2010)
Wabana Lake, Grand Rapids, MN (2011)


"Department Activities and Courses"

Observer of Charleston's Skies: A Tribute to Dalias Price (2010)
Celebrating Earth Science: Promo (2010)
Celebrating Earth Science: Discovering Past Lives-Fossils (2010)
Celebrating Earth Science: Power from Our Earth-Coal Mining (2010)
Celebrating Earth Science: Renewable Energy from Satellite Imagery (2010)
Ecuador: A First Class Adventure (2010)
A Moment in Geography: Mapping the Ground (2009)
Broadcast Meteorology Practicum (2010)
EIUs Broadcast Meteorology Practicum (2010)
Michael Gismondi on the Broadcast Meteorology Practicum (2010)
A Moment in Geography: Transferring Elevation (2011)



"Student Productions"

Returning to Paradise: Voices of the Human Spirit-A Preview (2011)
Exploring Illinois' Winter on the Prairie (2010)
An Illinois Winter (2006)



"Four Rivers Ag Report" a collaboration with WEIU-TV (PBS)

Season 1, Episode 1, September 30, 2011
Season 1, Episode 2, October 7, 2011
Season 1, Episode 3, October 14, 2011
Season 1, Episode 7, November 11, 2011
Season 1, Episode 8, November 18, 2011
Season 1, Episode 9, December 16, 2011
Season 1, Episode 10, January 13, 2012
Season 1, Episode 11, January 27, 2012



"Under the Four Rivers Skies" from "Four Rivers Ag Report" a collaboration with WEIU-TV (PBS)

"The Climate of Summer 2011," Season 1, Episode 1, September 30, 2011
"The Drought of 2011," Season 1, Episode 2, October 7, 2011
"The History of Barns," Season 1, Episode 3, October 14, 2011
"The Old Farmer's Almanac," Season 1, Episode 6, November 4, 2011
"Preparing for Winter Storm Season," Season 1, Episode 8, November 4, 2011

Further Information

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If you are interested in completing a documentary project for independent research in Geography, contact Cameron Craig at cdcraig@eiu.edu.

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