The primary mission of the Information Technology Advisory committee at Eastern Illinois University is to provide advice and consultation on information technology to the Vice President for Business Affairs as well as serving as a regular advisor to the Assistant Vice-President for ITS. 

The committee shall examine technology issues (both local and global); provide input and review strategic plans; recommend priorities for IT initiatives; provide leadership and recommendations regarding enterprise level technology-related matters; provide direction and recommendations for the coordination of technology-related efforts for the university and be a liaison to the EIU community concerning matters relating to information technology.

Featured Projects

 Textbook Rental RFID saves you money.

Eastern is one of just a handful of universities in the nation that lets students rent rather than purchase their textbooks each semester -- a policy that can add up to thousands of dollars of savings for students over four years.

But for the university, that means managing an inventory of about 200,000 books -- cataloging them, distributing them, collecting them and storing them -- a process that had been done mostly by hand.

A major component of the university’s new Textbook Rental Building is a groundbreaking inventory control system based on radio frequency identification customized for the facility by Information Technology Services.


The new facility is self-serve. Students enter the building with a list, obtained through PAWS, of the books they must have. Alternately, they swipe their Panthercard or type in their e-number on touch-screen computers at either of two on-premise kiosks, which will then print out a list of the books they need. The students then walk among the stacks on which all textbooks are shelved and themselves select the ones they need. When they are finished, they place their books on electronic checkout pads, which read the radio-frequency tags inside each book to verify whether they are indeed the books needed by the student, notifying him or her if she or he is missing a book or has a wrong book.