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Latin American Studies Minor Offers:
The pleasure and advantages of interdisciplinary study. Training in valuable language skills. Congenial social and academic activities. Self-understanding and appreciation of the diversity of cultural perspectives. The Latin American Studies minor is an interdisciplinary approach that explores the history, culture, geography, economy, politics, art, literature and business climate of Latin America.  
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palabra newThere is an academic excelence award for LAS students at EIU.

Extended deadline for the award: March 28, 2014


palabra newLatin American Studies
Study Abroad Award
Students who have declared a minor in Latin American Studies and who studied abroad in a Latin American country in fall 2013, spring 2014, or who will study abroad in summer 2014 are eligible for LAS Study Abroad Award.  Applicants will submit a 250-300 word narrative that describes the details of their study abroad program (country of study, dates of program, and credit received) and briefly reflects on how the trip has contributed to their understanding of Latin America.  Applicants who will travel in summer 2014 must submit concrete evidence of intention to study abroad, such as a plane ticket receipt. 
Please send applications via e-mail attachment to Pam Ortega at by March 28th.


Events for 2013- 2014

Elección de nueva coordinadora del programa.

Dr. Vanesa Landrus is the new coordinator of the LAS Minor for the period of 2012-2014.

¡Bienvenidos a la página de los Estudios Latinoamericanos!

For More Information, Contact:   Dr. Vanesa Landrus, Coordinator or  Dr. Carlos C. Amaya, webmaster.


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