Gender Neutral Restrooms at EIU

Some transgender individuals may feel discomfort, experience discrimination, or suffer harassment when forced to choose from gender binary (male- or female-specific) restrooms on campus. Gender neutral restrooms allow for a safe and comfortable facility for individuals.

Gender neutral restrooms are single use and therefore allow anyone to use them, regardless of their gender identity. In addition, gender neutral restrooms allow personal assistants to aid those who need help using the restroom, even if they are not the same gender.

Eastern Illinois University provides a number of gender neutral restrooms throughout campus. These areas are numbered on the campus map below.

1. Booth House 5. Ford Hall 9. Cultural Center 12. Lawson Hall 15. Lincoln Hall
2. Linder House 6. McKinney Hall 10. Taylor Hall 13. Andrews Hall 16. Stevenson Hall
3. Brainard House 7. Weller Hall 11. Thomas Hall 14. Carmen Hall 17. Douglas Hall
4. Pemberton Hall 8. Ninth Street Hall