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Eastern Illinois University seeks to foster cultural understanding to assist its students to become responsible citizens in a diverse world.  The courses listed below are designated as cultural diversity courses and focus on one or more of the following in their content:  the study of diverse peoples (including issues of race, ethnicity, and gender) at home and abroad; the history, traditions, and/or language of other countries or cultures; and the role of cultural sensitivity in making informed and ethical decisions.

Many of the courses listed below have specific sections discussing gender and LGBTQ topics. For more information about courses, please contact the department they are located in.


African American Studies

AFR 1000G - Introduction to African American Studies

AFR 2000G - African American Experience


ENG 3009G - Myth and Culture

ENG 3099G - Myth and Culture, Honors

ENG 3100G - Cultural Foundations I

ENG 3110G - Cultural Foundations II

Foreign Language

FLE 2061G - German Literature in Translation

FLE 2062G - Hispanic Literature in Translation

FLE 2063G - Francophone Literature in Translation

FLF 2201G - Intermediate French I

FLF 2202G - Intermediate French II

FLG 2201G - Intermediate German I

FLG 2202G - Intermediate German II

FLL 2201G - Intermediate Latin I

FLL 2202G - Intermediate Latin II

FLS 2201G - Intermediate Spanish I

FLS 2202G - Intermediate Spanish II


HIS 1500G - Roots of the Modern World: Society and Religion

HIS 1510G - Roots of the Modern World: Slavery and Freedom

HIS 1520G - Roots of the Modern World: Global Interactions

HIS 1590G - Roots of the Modern World: Society and Religion, Honors

HIS 1591G - Roots of the Modern World: Slavery and Freedom, Honors

HIS 1592G - Roots of the Modern World: Global Interactions, Honors


PHI 3100G - Cultural Foundations I

PHI 3110G - Cultural Foundations II

Fine Arts


ART 2012G - Nonwestern Fine Arts

ART 3340G - Multicultural Aesthetics

ART 3610G - African Art

ART 3611G - Art in India and Southeast Asia

ART 3612G - Art in China and Japan


MUS 3562G - Non-Western Music

MUS 3592G - Non-Western Music, Honors

Theatre Arts

THA 2012G - Non-Western Theatre

THA 2140G - Introduction to the Theatre

THA 2190G - Introduction to the Theatre, Honors

THA 3751G - Theatre History I

THA 3752G - Theatre History II

THA 3755G - African-American Theatre

Social and Behavioral Sciences


ANT 2200G - Introduction to Anthropology

ANT 2290G - Introduction to Anthropology, Honors


ECN 2800G - Economics of Social Issues


GEG 1100G - Cultural Geography

GEG 1190G - Cultural Geography, Honors

GEG 1200G - World Regional Geography

GEG 1290G - World Regional Geography, Honors

Health Studies

HST 2200G - Health Citizenship

Political Science

PLS 2253G - Introduction to International Relations

PLS 2293G - Introduction to International Relations, Honors

Recreation Administration

REC 3400G - World Leisure: A Cultural Perspective


SOC 2710G - Introductory Sociology

SOC 2750G - Social Problems in Contemporary Society

SOC 2890G - Social Problems in Contemporary Society, Honors

Women's Studies

WST 2309G - Women, Men, and Culture