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The Gender and Sexual Diversity Advisory Committee envisions a campus community that is committed to the creation of an open, safe, just, and inclusive environment for diverse persons of all sexual orientations and genders. Specifically, we envision a campus that:

  • Supports the developmental process, well-being, and retention of GSD* students, faculty, and staff
  • Creates a positive and welcoming environment that contributes to LGBTQA+ students’ academic success
  • Values the experiences and contributions of LGBTQA+ individuals
  • Provides resources and referrals to address the very specific and unique needs of   LGBTQA+ students, staff, and faculty, including recognizing diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds
  • Educates the entire EIU community regarding homophobia, heterosexism, and transphobia and how they intersect with race, ethnicity, religion, and culture from GSD*

*GSD is a more inclusive term which stands for Gender and Sexual Diversity. GSD encompasses everyone within the community and avoids the problems of labeling-- better celebrates the diversity of our members within the LGBTQA+ spectrum.  

Open House

The Gender and Sexual Diversity Advisory Committee is comprised of members representing departments, programs, and services throughout Eastern Illinois University. Committee members are dedicated to aiding EIU in achieving this mission.