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"Portion Size Me" Creator Offers Seconds With "Portion Size Me, Too"


In 2005, James Painter created a documentary, "Portion Size Me," which follows two Eastern Illinois University students who eat nothing but fast food for a month -- and lose weight in the process.

He's now offering seconds.

"Portion Size Me, Too!" continues the work that Painter, chair of EIU's School of Family and Consumer Sciences, presented in the original documentary.  The new DVD explains how those same two students from "Portion Size Me!" lost weight and even lowered their cholesterol during their month of fast food only.

Viewers learn how to compare calories, select proper portion sizes and learn how to think "outside the bun" to make healthier fast food choices.

Information on both 25-minute videos can be found at the following website -- -- or contact the EIU School of Family and Consumer Sciences at 217-581-6076,


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