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Nineteen Faculty Members Awarded Tenure


Nineteen Eastern Illinois University faculty members have been awarded tenure, effective with the 2012-13 academic year.

The EIU Board of Trustees approved the list Friday.

Tenure, awarded in an academic department, connotes a relationship of continuing commitment between the university and a faculty member.

Generally, in order to qualify for tenure consideration, a faculty member must complete a probationary period and demonstrate progressive achievement and effectiveness in three areas of evaluation: teaching/performance of primary duties, research/creative activities, and service. Among these three areas, teaching/performance of primary duties is given the most consideration.

This year's recipients of tenure are as follows:

  • Wesley D. Allan, psychology;
  • Lola A. Burnham, journalism;
  • Ahmed S. Abou-Zaid, economics;
  • David J. Boggs, business;
  • Barbara S. Carlsward, biological sciences;
  • Irene S. Coromina, foreign languages;
  • Carrie Dale, early childhood, elementary and middle level education;
  • M. Eugenia Deerman, sociology and anthropology;
  • Christiane K. Eydt-Beebe, foreign languages;
  • Jill Fahy, communication disorders and sciences;
  • Luminita Florea, music;
  • Mark S. Kattenbraker, kinesiology and sports studies;
  • Eunseong Kim, journalism;
  • Jeannie Ludlow, English;
  • David Wayne Melton, technology;
  • Kamlesh Parwani, mathematics and computer science;
  • Gopal R. Periyannan, chemistry;
  • Luke Joseph Steinke, technology; and
  • Larry R. White, business.