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Procurement and the Business Office are now closed daily from noon - 1:00 pm.


FY17 Purchasing Deadlines

FY17 requisitions may now be entered by changing your transaction and delivery dates to 1-JUL-2016.

All FY16 Requisitions must be received in the office of Procurement, Disbursements and Contract Services by the deadlines listed below. Procurement cannot guarantee that requisitions submitted after the deadlines will be paid from FY16 funds.

All FY17 Requisitions that are to be in place by July 1, 2016 need to adhere to the same deadlines below, or as requested by the Buyer. Do not wait for FY17 budgets to be loaded.


Purchases exceeding the Board of Trustees Approval limit:
$250,000 for any purchase

February 19, 2016

Purchases exceeding the following:
$20,000 for Professional and Artistic Services (P&A)
$50,000 for Commodities, Equipment and Services
$65,000 for Construction

March 31, 2016

Purchases less than the following:
$20,000 for Professional and Artistic Services (P&A)
$50,000 for Commodities, Equipment ?and Services
$65,000 for Construction

April 29, 2015

Please notify Procurement if you have a purchase or are planning a purchase that cannot meet these deadlines.


NEW Travel Vendor - Corporate Travel Planners


NEW Banner Functionality - Banner Document Management System (BDMS)

A new functionality is now available within Internet Native Banner which allows users to view an image of their invoices (including travel vouchers and requests for payment), requisitions and purchase orders.  At this time, access to requisitions and purchase orders is limited; however, beginning with FY16, images of requisitions, purchase orders, and the related supporting documentation will be available.  Currently, all invoices for fiscal year 15 are accessible in BDMS.  Please refer to the BDMS Campus User Guide for instructions on accessing these images within Banner.  If you have any questions, please contact Danielle Green at 581-5599.