The ABCD Approach


  • Identify the AUDIENCE for whom the objective is being written
  • Define the BEHAVIOR or learning that is expected
  • Identify the CONDITION (the event, the intervention, the activity) that will 

       lead to learning

  • Determine the DEGREE of proficiency the learner must demonstrate




  • Students (A) who complete the Financial Aid Seminar (C) will be able to accurately (D) complete the FAFSA application (B).
  • Club presidents (A) who complete the Leadership Institute (C) will be able to correctly (D) develop an annual budget (B) and effectively (D) lead a club meeting (B).
  • Students (A) who complete the Graduation Workshop (C) will be able to successfully (D) apply to graduate, run a degree audit, and list the coursework needed to complete his or her degree (B).





**Adapted from Cruickshank, Bainer, and Metcalf, The Act of Teaching, Boston, McGraw-Hill, 1999