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Welcome to EIU's Sigma Xi Chapter!

Sigma Xi is an international honorary scientific research society for scientists and engineers that addresses science and education, ethics, research, and public policy. Founded in 1886, its goals are to foster worldwide interactions among science, technology and society; to encourage appreciation and support of original work in science and technology and to honor scientific accomplishments. Sigma Xi has a membership of nearly 80,000 scientists and engineers and includes over 180 Nobel Prize winners as members. As a member of the Eastern Illinois chapter of Sigma Xi, you will form valuable friendships with other scientific researchers.

Sigma Xi membership benefits include a subscription to the award-winning American Scientist and eligibility to apply for Sigma Xi research grants for their graduate and undergraduate students.

Sigma Xi grants financial awards to students of Eastern Illinois University and hosts the annual Sigma Xi banquet as part of ScienceFest at Eastern Illinois University.

Membership requires that full members perform independent research in pure or applied science or engineering as shown by a Ph.D. thesis, patents or at least two first-authored refereed papers. Potential members must be nominated by a current member. Membership requires an initiation fee and an annual membership fee. Contact any Sigma Xi member if you are interested in joining.

Guest Speaker 2014 - Dr. Laura S. DeThorne, Associate Professor in Speech & Hearing Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Email: lauras@illinois.edu

Dr. DeThorne’s early research focused on causal influences on children’s language development, including longitudinal behavioral genetic studies. More recently, Dr. DeThorne's research has focused on using information about causal influences to shape learning environments that support children with communication differences. In particular, she has partnered with colleagues across Engineering, Computer Science, and Special Education to study the use of technology as a means to support social interaction for a variety of groups, including children with autism. Her research has been supported by the National Institutes of Health and Autism Speaks.

Dr. DeThorne will be presenting at the EIU Sigma Xi Annual Banquet on April 10, 2014 (7 pm in the Grand Ballroom).

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