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The Student Accounting Society (SAS) is a student organization open to all students pursuing an accounting degree or interested in the accounting profession. SAS meets almost every Thursday throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Meetings are held in conjunction with Beta Alpha Psi.

More About SAS

As a student who is interested in accounting, SAS provides a way to:

  • Network with career professionals.
  • Get to know the accounting faculty.
  • Learn of scholarship opportunities.
  • Learn how to dress professionally.
  • Get to know other accounting students.
  • Learn more about Beta Alpha Psi.

And mainly:

  • Make a difference in the community! SAS believes in Service Learning, that is, students will learn valuable life lessons by participating in community projects. Apart from broadening your experiences, working with the community gives you valuable bullet points on your resume.

Our dues are $15/semester or $25/year and for almost all our professional meetings, you get free dinner (pizza, sandwiches, etc.)

Interested in Joining?

If so, please contact any member of our Board of Directors.