Symptoms of Illness Checklist (SIC)

We developed the Symptoms of Illness Checklist (SIC) as a measure of general health to be used in the context of psychological research.

The SIC comprises 33 self-report symptoms of illness across the major organ systems.

  • Symptom frequency is rated on a scale of 1 (1–3 days over the past two months) to 5 (daily).
  • Symptom severity is rated on a scale of 1 (no interference with daily activities) to 4 (severe interference)

Reliability and Validity


  • One week: Spearman's r = .90
  • Two weeks: Spearman's r = .75

Cronbach alpha: .86

Intraclass coefficient between self- and physician-ratings: .94


When citing the SIC, please use the following reference:

Stowell, J. R., Hedges, D. W., Ghambaryan, A., Key, C., & Bloch, G. J. (2009). Validation of the Symptoms of Illness Checklist (SIC) as a tool for health psychology research. Journal of Health Psychology, 14(1), 68–77. doi:10.1177/1359105308097947

If you use the SIC in your research, the authors of the SIC would appreciate receiving a copy of the SIC data that you collect, at your discretion.


The following SIC files may be downloaded and used for research purposes.

  • SIC Questionnaire
  • SIC Scoring Guide
  • SPSS Error Checking (SPSS code that will check for symptoms where the severity, but not frequency, were marked and vice versa).

To access the downloads, please register your name, email, and purpose for using the SIC. You will be given immediate access to the files.

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