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Strategic Enrollment Planning

Strategic Enrollment Planning (SEP) is a collaborative, comprehensive, data-driven process through which EIU develops strategies to enable it to set and meet its enrollment goals. The SEP initiative is led by a Steering Committee which reports to President Perry, and it is supported by a Planning Council that includes broad representation from each vice presidential area and key governance groups.

Where we are now

The 2014 Strategic Enrollment Plan was shared with the university community at an open forum in spring 2014; it subsequently was accepted by the President's Council and the Board of Trustees. The plan is available in the documents repository.

While work continues on initiatives related to marketing and new program development, as of fall 2014, the following Phase I initiatives have been completed:

  • Tiered high school/community college visit system, which ensures that counselors visit more schools but also tailor the number and type of their visits to the potential for return-on-investment
  • New community college partnerships, including a Transfer Service Center at Lake Land College
  • Improved campus visit programs
  • It's Our EIU" forum to support the campus community's role in recruitment and retention
  • Predictive retention modeling and response system
  • Hybrid 2+2 programs in Family & Consumer Sciences, Psychology, and Recreation Administration
  • Summer school marketing program

EIU staff and faculty are focused on numerous other short-term enrollment-related initiatives, too. See, for example, the summary of items completed by members of the Enrollment Worx committee on the updates page.

Where we’re going next

Three Phase II initiatives are underway:

  • The Online Programs Board has been created to identify and resolve impediments to online course and program development and to support the development of new online courses and programs.
  • A subcommittee called "Si,se puede!" has been formed to develop a plan to increase the enrollment and retention of Latino students. Key areas of focus will include communications and community engagement.
  • A subcommittee has been established to examine ways to increase nontraditional student enrollment.

The subcommittees are collecting and analyzing data and developing recommendations. Results will be presented to the campus community by the end of spring 2015.


Feel free to contact Dr. Mary Herrington-Perry for additional information.