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Enrollment Planning: Progress through shared governance

Strategic Enrollment Planning Step 4: Action and Support Plan Development

With input from the campus community, the SEP committees selected six overarching enrollment goals:
  1. Increase EIU's share of in-state and other selected groups of new students.
  2. Enhance positive awareness of and support for EIU in the local region and beyond.
  3. Strengthen the quality and competitiveness of our academic programs.
  4. Strengthen and expand programs and practices prerequisite to student success.
  5. Expand course and program access and delivery to out-of-market and nontraditional students.
  6. Improve the academic profile of the incoming class.

Action Plans describe strategies that will help Eastern achieve these goals. Each one details the specific steps that must be taken, deadlines for actions, individual(s) responsible for the plan, expenses, revenues, and overall return-on-investment. (See the Sample Action Plan in the Documents folder.)

Next,please review the results of Step Five.