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Enrollment Planning: Progress through shared governance

Strategic Enrollment Planning Step 2: Data Analysis

In September, Noel-Levitz consultant Kathryn Karford presented the Steering Committee with the results of the College Choice Survey she had conducted for us over the summer. More than 1200 prospective EIU students responded to the survey, which focused on identifying the factors leading students to choose--or not to choose--EIU. Kathryn's presentation is available in the SEP document repository.

During this visit, members of the Planning Council were convened for the first time and presented with an overview of the SEP process. Following a review of the Key Performance Indicators developed in Step 1, Council members separated into four subcommittees:

  1. Academic Programs
  2. Data Support
  3. Recruitment and Marketing
  4. Retention

Subcommittee membership lists are available here.

Subcommittee members drafted statements of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) for their respective areas. They also identified their most pressing research needs:

  1. Analyze ACT Enrollment Interest Survey data to learn more about the interests of prospective Fall 2013 freshmen.
  2. Examine Illinois high school graduate projections.
  3. Conduct an analysis of workforce needs.
  4. Conduct a competitor study.
  5. Use National Clearing House data to identify EIU's key competitors.

Subsequent to this visit, the subcommittees met to refine their SWOT statements prior to sharing them with their respective constituents. This feedback was used to finalize the SWOTs, which are available in the SEP document repository.

To learn more, please review the results of Step Three.