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Enrollment Planning: Progress through shared governance

Strategic Enrollment Planning Step 1: Preparation

In July, members of the SEP Steering Committee met with Colleen Murphy from Noel-Levitz to accomplish five key objectives:

  1. Define the scope and expectations of the SEP project.
  2. Establish a work plan with timelines.
  3. Identify members of the SEP Planning Council.
  4. Assess the availability of needed planning data.
  5. Draft a list of Key Performance Indicators.

During these meetings, the Steering Committee determined that in the first phase of SEP, the University's focus would be on traditional undergraduate enrollment, with a planning horizon of three to five years. July 2013 was established as the deadline for completion of the first edition of EIU's Strategic Enrollment Plan, which will be updated annually.

Members of the SEP Planning Council were selected to ensure representation from each of the vice-presidential areas and key governance groups. Their names and contact information is included on the committee membership portion of this website.

Because the SEP process must be data-driven, members of both the Steering Committee and the Planning Council have invested significant time in identifying, collecting, and developing needed data. For instance, the Key Performance Indicators (available in the SEP Document Repository) include five years of data that detail our new student enrollments, applicant and academic profiles, hours attempted and earned, and retention, and graduation rates, in addition to supporting information about faculty, EIU's fiscal health, and course offerings.

If you are interested in learning more about EIU's SEP progress, please move on to Step Two: