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Enrollment Planning: Progress through shared governance

Strategic Enrollment Planning Step 3: Strategy Development

The SEP Steering Commitee and the Planning Council met in November to review the results of previously assigned research projects. This "Research Summary Presentation" is available in the SEP document repository. The results of research on high school graduate projections, occupational outlook, and competitor institutions are of particular interest: See "Illinois High School Graduate Projections," "Occupational Outlook Summary" and "Top Ten Competitors."

Subcommittee members also drafted situation analyses during this visit, data-rich narrative summaries of the internal and external trends affecting our enrollment management efforts, for good or for ill, and began drafting "top line" and second-level enrollment strategies. The current draft of these strategies is available in the documents folder ("Draft SEP Strategies")and will be discussed at the January 16th SEP forum.

Phase four of the SEP process will begin early in February, when the Planning Council will meet to draft detailed action plans to implement the strategies. Stay tuned!