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EIU WeatherCenter is reaching out to its patrons by providing forecasts via email. Each day of the work week subscribers can receive a daily weather brief from EIU WeatherCenter before 9AM Central. The service provides a look at what the weather will bring today and tomorrow with an extended outlook for the weekend. In addition, data from the EIU-NWS Cooperative Weather Observation Station is provided for those who are interested in logging there own climate records. As a bonus, the brief highlights features and projects of the Department of Geology/Geography and EIU WeatherCenter. From time to time, Mr. Craig provides his unique "Flip-Flop" forecast that informs readers if the weather is suitable for wearing flip-flops.

The forecast is determined from meteorological models, observations on the EIU Campus, and collaborative forecast results from students and Geology/Geography instructor, Cameron Craig. The brief is sent to subscribers Monday through Friday with a Weekend Outlook in Friday's brief.

If you are interested in receiving the weather brief, simply contact Cameron Craig via email at

Today's Weather Brief

EIU WeatherCenter Brief
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
SkyWatch Meteorologist Cameron Craig


More rain showers expected today with a few thunderstorms. Daytime highs will continue to hover in the mid to low 60s today through Thursday with scattered rain showers. The sun will return full force on Friday with highs in the lower 70s. The weekend will be nice with highs in the low 60s.

Enjoy your Tuesday!!


A Brief Note:

My students and I will be in Atlanta for the Applied Geography Conference presenting our research on Expedition Endurance and in Salt Lake City for the National Weather Association Conference presenting personal broadcasts from WEIU tomorrow through next Tuesday. The weather brief will be sent when possible.

Thank you for your continued patronage!


3-Day Outlook

Chc of Rain

Chc of Rain

Mostly Cloudy


Cameron Craig has devised a classification system that gives students a forecast of when it is appropriate to wear flip flops. This was created after he witnessed a few students walking across EIUs campus wearing flip flips when temperatures fell into the mid 20s. Every once and a while Mr. Craig will ask, “Who is wearing flip flops?” The red flip flop image indicates that conditions are not suitable for wearing flip flops. Yellow indicates use caution. Finally, the green image states what its means…”wear your flip flops with pride!”

Great weather for wearing Flip Flops


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