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Lectures on Weather & Climate

"Sun, Sun, Without the Sun, There is No Weather Fun!"

****New Lecture Series Coming in Spring 2014!****

Ask any of Cameron Craig's past or present Weather & Climate students what the course motto is and you will quickly hear the famous rhyme, "Sun, Sun, Without the Sun, There is No Weather Fun!" Craig created the spontaneous rhyme during a lecture back in 2006 that is used to explain the essence of the entire semester of Weather & Climate. His rhyme has now become the title of a traditional style video lecture series to allow students to revisit difficult concepts.

Standing in front of a chalkboard Craig engages the viewer in joining him in drawing the diagrams so that the concepts are remembered. There are no PowerPoints or Prezi slides to deal with...the lecture series is all done in front of a chalkboard! Analogies that students can relate to are the key component of his teaching style so that students can enjoy science.

The series continues to be posted here so that young students and the young at heart can enjoy learning about the wonderful world of Weather & Climate.

The series has been viewed across the world by elementary students, college students, aviation students, atmospheric science majors and minor, geography students, and weather enthusiasts in England, Greece, Russia, Taiwan, India, the United States, France, Germany, and Austrailia.

Visit Vimeo.com to watch the video series and learn how fun Weather is With the Sun!

Copyright 2010-2013 by Cameron Douglas Craig

Video Features

WEIUs "@ Issue: Winter Weather Preparations and the Storm of January 5, 2014"

January 10, 2014

With the winter storm that went thru the Midwest on January 5-6, 2014, "@ Issue" examines the impact it had on East Central Illinois, and how people can be prepared during future winter weather outbreaks. Guests are WEIU Meteorologist Cameron Craig, and Coles County EMA Director, Dan Ensign.

More information at WEIU.net or visit WEIUs YouTube Channel.

Classroom Essays

"People, Are You Kidding Me? Electronic Devices: The Downfall of Education"

The use of electronic devices in education is discussed and explained in the second installment of "People, Are You Kidding Me?" Read More...

"Blizzard of 2013: Warnings Issued but Sometimes Ignored"

Cameron Craig presents an essay concerning how people take matters into their own hand during a hazardous situation and expect quick help when they have decided unwisely. Read more...

"Don't Get Comfortable, The Drought is Not Over"

Although the region is currently experiencing "normal" precipitation conditions, farmers and residents of central Illinois say with confidence, "the drought is over." Or is it? Read more...

"Climate of 2012: Year of the Drought"

Cameron Craig presents Climate of 2012.


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"Full-Length Productions Seen on PBS"

Returning to Paradise: Voices of the Human Spirit-A Preview (2011)
Exploring Illinois' Winter on the Prairie (2010)
Expedition Nature's Realm: A Microscopic Realm (2007) Episode 3
Expedition Nature's Realm: An Invasive Nature (2008) Episode 4
Expedition Nature's Realm: Fields of Plenty (2008) Episode 5
Expedition Nature's Realm: A Looming Disaster (2008) Episode 6
Expedition Nature's Realm: The Full Circle (2008) Episode 7
Expedition Nature's Realm: The Expedition (2008) Episode 8
An Illinois Winter (2006)
A World of Winter (2004) from Indiana State University Climate Laboratory


"A Moment in Nature's Realm." Nature Music Videos


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"Under the Four Rivers Skies" from "Four Rivers Ag Report" a collaboration with WEIU-TV (PBS)

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