Eastern Illinois University - University Professionals of Illinois (EIU-UPI) is the Eastern chapter of University Professionals of Illinois. EIU-UPI is the collective bargaining agent for the faculty and academic support professionals at Eastern Illinois University.  We advocate for the interests of our members, to make them a priority for the University, state, and nation.

As professionals and intellectuals, our interests include a commitment to students and to academic quality.  As part of the labor movement we support the interests of all working people in the spirit of solidarity.


Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014

Find out if you're registered: http://www.elections.il.gov/VotingInformation/RegistrationLookup.aspx
If you're not, register online: https://ova.elections.il.gov/

How to VOTE:

EARLY VOTING has begun!

Coles County residents can vote at the County Clerk’s office (in the courthouse) from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. or Martin Luther King, Jr. Union from 12 - 4 p.m. through Oct. 31.

sample ballot and more information about where and how you can vote is available here: http://www.co.coles.il.us/coclerk/elections.htm#sample

There are no ethical issues associated with urging one’s fellow citizens to participate in the democratic process, so spread the word! Download the EIU Votes flier to share via social media or share it directly from the EIU-UPI Chapter Facebook page

Vote by Mail (absentee) (you no longer need to provide reason for doing so): http://www.elections.il.gov/votinginformation/absenteevoting.aspx
Vote Early (October 20-November 2) find locations here (statewide): http://www.elections.state.il.us/votinginformation/earlyvotinglocations.aspx
Vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 4, find locations here: http://www.co.coles.il.us/coclerk/downloads/polling_sites.pdf

We strongly encourage voting by mail and early voting. 


“For Each and Every Child: What Teachers Need to Know about Funding for Education in Illinois and Nationally." 

Download the slides from the presentation by Ralph Martire, executive director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, that was held on Monday, October 27, 2014 at EIU.


Join in the CUPB discussion

We urge all members of the EIU community to participate in the discussions of budget cuts taking place CUPB. See this link for dates, times, locations and agendas of Friday afternoon meetings: http://castle.eiu.edu/~eiucupb/

Join the UPI Listserv for announcements, updates, and discussion.

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Know Your Weingarten Rights

If you face discipline on the job, you have the right to union representation. These are your "Weingarten Rights," Protected by the Supreme Court.

Tell your Supervisor : "If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I request that my union representative, officer, or steward by present at the meeting. Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions."

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