February 20, 2001
(Vol. XXX, No. 22)


I. Call to order by James Tidwell at 2:04 p.m. (Conference Room, 2540 Buzzard Hall)

Present: W. Addison, R. Benedict, M. Boshart (S), D. Brandt, G. Canivez, C. Eberly, P. Fewell, B. Fischer, F. Fraker, G. Kelly (S), J. Tidwell, M. Toosi, and A. Zahlan. Excused: J. Best, J. Dilworth, B. Young, and N. Greer Guests: J. Ryan, L. Wall, J. Jones, and J. Bishop

II. Approval of the minutes of February 13, 2001.

Motion (Canivez/Benedict) to approve the minutes of February 13, 2001.

Corrections: V. E., line 5, "It is something that the city in consultation with university officials has elected to do this summer." Strike line 7, V. E. "There is definitely a communication gap there, but where it happens, I am not certain."

Yes: Fraker, Tidwell, Toosi, Addison, Benedict, Brandt, Canivez, Eberly, Fewell, and Fischer Passed.

III. Communications

A. Letter from Emeritus Professor Lewis Coon concerning tenure for administrators--Feb. 13, 2001

B. Minutes of Council on University Planning and Budget--Jan. 19, 2001

C. Agenda for Council on University Planning and Budget--Feb. 23, 2001

D. Minutes of Staff Senate--Jan. 10, 2001

E. Memo from Carole Burris concerning election for Enrollment Management Advisory Committee--Feb. 15, 2001

F. E-mail from Dean Elizabeth Hitch concerning the Purdue instrument--Feb. 19, 2001: Changing Purdue "Core" items would affect faculty ratings in CEPS

IV. Old Business

A. Committee Reports

1. Executive Committee: No report. Tidwell has arranged a time for the EIU Foundation, March 20, 2001. He has not heard back from Dean Hine in Continuing Education.

2. Elections: Fischer distributed a draft list of positions up for election in spring, 2001. Anita Shelton will replace Nancy Marlow on the Council of Academic Affairs for one term while Marlow is on sabbatical. Tidwell: Depending on the TEDE Model selected, there may be more positions to elect. Zahlan asked Fischer to place all of the committees and committee members on the Senate Website. Addison asked that Committee Chairs be reminded about updating the election questions to be answered by candidates for their committee.

3. Nominations: Canivez is preparing the list for distribution.

4. Student-Faculty Relations: Benedict: A meeting is planned for later this week. The Purdue items are contractual, so any change must be a recommendation only. Wall: The Contract has specific language, but does not require that the Purdue evaluations be used. Benedict: The committee will write something, the Student Senate can handle it, and then Senate can address it as a recommendation. Our resolution will be within the language that the Purdue or other evaluation forms can be used. Toosi: Send the resolution to the Chair of the Department DPCs for action.

5. Faculty-Staff Relations: No report

6. VPAA Search Committee: E-mail from Best: VPAA search committee has competed the reference check process, and will meet on Friday to select the people to invite to Indianapolis for interviews.

7. VPBA Search Committee: Tidwell: Hank Davis said the committee is continuing reference checks. It will meet again this week to reduce the number for checking. There are currently 35 applications. They plan to have people on campus later this spring.

8. CAA Taskforce: Fraker: We meet next Friday. Addison: Regarding the task force, what are people supposed to be doing now for course proposals? Fraker: The current procedure continues until other recommendations are approved.

9. Electronic Grade Book Committee- French Fraker: No report

10. Steering Committee for Technology Enhanced and Delivered Education: Tidwell: The Chairs of the sub-committees on grants met yesterday. We are looking at changes we want to make, but there are no concrete proposals yet. We meet again on March 6, 2001. We will discuss the models at that time, but we may not have a recommendation yet. Another meeting will be on March 20, 2001.

11. Search Committee for Director of Greek Life–E-mail from Norman Greer: The committee has begun reviewing applicants, and will meet again on Feb. 27, 2001.

12. Search Committee for Director of Housing and Dining Services--Charles Eberly: There are currently nine candidates. We meet again on March 7, and plan to select for campus interviews after spring break.

13. Other committees: Tidwell: Student Senate did not have much luck with students coming to their forum on Housing Fees. Tidwell got the impression from the DEN that the Student Senate would have to make the decision themselves without much student input.

B. Administrative models from the TEDE Steering Committee: Fewell/Canivez distributed a draft set of proposals to the Senate. Canivez: This is a rough draft for a work in progress. Fewell: This is meant to give us something to react to as we create our document. Tidwell: If we are going to make a recommendation, we should probably do that next week. Canivez and Fewell explained their reasoning for the logic of the draft document. Toosi: Abebe said he would like to have a strong foundation for a Faculty Development Center. I would like EIU to pursue his thinking on the topic; I agree with him. I would like to see a physical unit with full time support. Tidwell: Whatever technology model is adopted, there needs to be a training function within that group. Addison: I would like to support what Toosi said. We need a more visible faculty development office given the size of this institution. Fischer: In model C, where there is an instructional coordinator, we need to have a starting point. We need people to start the training needed to carry out the course development. Tidwell: The question of technicians is an important one. We might suggest to the colleges that they hire some of their own tech support. Fischer: I don't agree with that. Fewell: The appropriate number of tech support people is on a ratio of 150 computers to one person. Fischer: That reflects the problem in getting computers repaired in a timely fashion. Canivez: The best way to handle this is to look at the model that suggested the best starting point, then taking elements form the other models to meet our needs. Tidwell: Once we hire somebody, they should have the option to develop the details. Toosi: I strongly support the idea that instruction support personnel should be at the university level, and technicians are at the college level. Tidwell: At CAA last week, they apparently came to the same conclusion; they supported model B with some additions from Model C. Brandt: These proposals do not address the expertise shared among the tech support people within or across colleges. Tidwell: Does anyone disagree with the Canivez/Fewell recommendations that we support model B with elements of Model C? We'll discuss this again next week prior to a final vote. Fewell: Please e-mail Canivez or me with comments about this draft proposal.

C. Senate sponsorship of an International Tea--April 25, 2001 Tidwell encouraged attendance.

D. Proposed change in BOT regulations regarding tenure for vice presidents. Tidwell: I'll wait one more week for comments from Senators on the draft letter. Toosi: Why are we writing the letter to the Board instead of to the President? Tidwell: Our resolution said the letter should be sent to the Board. Toosi: If I were the President, I would find this a bit sticky. Wall: The BOT is essentially her boss, so in a way you are going around her. Tidwell: This is a first reading for the board, so they are waiting for comments. Toosi: To me, it does not look good to go to the Board rather than the President. Benedict: I would support Toosi; it is the right thing to do. Fischer: I am interested in making sure that we at least get a response from them. I would like a yes or no within the needed time period. Toosi: Send it to the President with a copy to the Board. Canivez: Would it be normal in the process of sending a letter to the President to send a copy of the letter to the BOT? Zahlan: No. You might be able to write Surles a letter immediately. We should not put ourselves in a position to limit comment. Benedict: The letter we write to Surles can include a time frame. Giving Surles the opportunity to withdraw is a laudable thing to do. Tidwell: That sounds like an ultimatum. The Senators debated the merits of sending the letter to the Board or the President. Wall: It is a courtesy, not necessarily a requirement. Fischer: We are within two weeks of the meeting. We will need a response soon. Fewell: We do advise the President as part of our function. It may be in our best interest to do so as part of our constitutional requirement. We will be presenting this to the BOT in response to a request for comments. We are responding as constituents of the BOT. Tidwell: You want me to send a letter to the President advising her of our opposition to the change, and that we will be sending a letter to the BOT. I will come up with something.

E. Parking on Fourth Street: Canivez: I talked with Joe Williams, faculty representative to the Parking Advisory committee. The meeting time and place is still not clear. Williams said that parking in the Lantz Lot was partly assigned to faculty while the library lot was being constructed. He said that sometimes changes are made before the committee even meets. Apparently in the Fourth Street deal, one consideration might be a parking structure where the Lantz lot is on the east side. However, that was rejected as being too expensive. A question is to what extent does the master plan really dictate what happens or is it used as just a guide? Tidwell: The plan is not cast in stone. Canivez: Williams wondered about using diagonal parking rather than vertical parking, with vehicles that would come in from the South. That would satisfy lots of needs with one facility. He also plans to suggest the parking facility again, too. The parking lot that Best suggested might not be feasible because of underground utilities in that area. Williams did do some work on that a number of years ago, and thinks it can make money. Zahlan: As the space itself becomes more valuable, the cost of the parking goes up. Canivez: Parking in terms of the number of spaces is not a problem; the problem is location. There are enough spaces on campus, but people what to drive as they go from one place on campus to another. What should I tell Joe? Tidwell: I think Addison is right; there really is no consensus. Canivez: What do I do when I have 15 pounds of stuff to carry from the office and my car is several blocks away? Eberly: You mention carrying 15 pounds several blocks. There are Resident Directors who live in the Residence Halls and are "on duty" 24 hours a day that do not have parking permits near their buildings, and must carry all their groceries and supplies that distance. Zahlan: Why don’t they park nearer their buildings? Eberly: They are not allowed to have faculty permits. Canivez: What can be done to appease these multiple groups? Fischer: I think with the changes under plan, parking may be limited. The odds are that we are going to lose the spaces; we need to take a look at what the future holds. If we are gong to do the green space within the central campus, then we need to think about where the parking should be located. I think the movement is out and away from campus for parking. Canivez: Should I tell Joe to make all the suggestions that you want? Tidwell: Perhaps I should get Jeff Cooley here to discuss the master plan. I'll do that.

F. Distinguished faculty Award: Tidwell has not taken action yet this week. Addison will be the committee convener. We are still in good shape in terms of a timeline for selection.

V. New Business:

A. Substitute for Senate Secretary: Fischer: On March 6, 2001, I will be out of town, as will be Eberly. Does anyone want to take the minutes? I will do the minutes the week after spring break, as Eberly will still be gone. There were no volunteers today.

B. Radio/TV Center: Tidwell: Nilsen and Jones will be here to talk about the radio/TV center. That will be our main order of business next week.

VI. Adjourn: Canivez: 3:38 p.m.

Future Agenda Items

A. Radio/TV Center--Jill Nilsen and Jim Jones will speak to Senate Feb. 27, 2001

B. EIU Foundation--March 20, 2001

C. Reorganization of School of Adult and Continuing Education--to be scheduled

Respectfully submitted,

Charles G. Eberly, Recorder