FOR January 16, 2001
(Vol. XXX, No. 17)

.I. Call to order by James Tidwell at 2:05 p.m. (Conference Room, 2540 Buzzard Hall)Present: W. Addison, R. Benedict, J. Best, D. Brandt, G. Canivez, J. Dilworth, C. Eberly, P. Fewell, F. Fraker, N. Greer, J. Tidwell, M. Toosi, B. Young, and A. Zahlan Excused: B. Fischer Guests: J. Ryan

II. Approval of the minutes of January 9, 2001. Motion (Benedict/Canivez) to approve the minutes of January 9, 2001.Corrections: Toosi, p. 2, 7th paragraph, "Were these terms based on the UPI?" Best, p. 2, 5th paragraph, the question about heating costs should be attributed to Tidwell. Tidwell: The CUPB Meeting mentioned on page 5 is Friday, January 19, not January 12. Yes: Toosi, Young, Zahlan, Addison, Benedict, Best, Brandt, Canivez, Dilworth, Eberly, Fewell, Fraker, Greer, and Tidwell. Passed.

III. Communications

A. Minutes of Council on Graduate Studies--December 5, 2000.

B. Minutes of Council on Academic Affairs--December 7, 2000.

00-49 Revisions to Academic Overloads. After the tenth day, academic advisors, department chairs, and/or deans may contact the Registration Office to authorize a student's registration in additional hours, so long as that student's "active hours" (i.e., those from courses in which the student is currently enrolled) do not exceed the overload policy maximums. No Waiver is required.

C. E-mails from Curtis White, Faculty Senate Chair at Illinois State University--concerning creation of a statewide organization of Senate Chairs.

D. Minutes of the Committee for the Assessment of Student Learning--January 9, 2001. Contained initial report of the number of new, first-time students submitting materials for their writing portfolio.

E. E-mail from Associate VPSA Shirley Stewart concerning search committee for Director of Greek Life–January 11, 2001

F. E-mail from Associate VPSA Shirley Stewart concerning search committee for Director of University Housing & Dining Services

G. Agenda for CUPB meeting, Friday, HJanuary 19, 2001. FY2001, 2002, and 2003 update.

H. The EIU Partners publication highlighted research and creative activity. It was developed after a recommendation from the 1999-2000 Faculty Senate, and published by the Graduate School. Comments: The current Senate was pleased with the publication, and members would also like a comprehensive list of faculty publications distributed. Chair Tidwell will send the Provost a note recommending such a listing.

IV. Old Business

A. Committee Reports

    1. Executive Committee

    a. BOT Meeting--Monday, January 22, 2001, 8:30 a.m., 1895 Room. Faculty Senate is a constituent and thus has a moment to speak on the agenda. Others (individuals) must register ahead of time to speak.

2. Elections: Fischer is excused this week. No Report. Tidwell: The Admissions AppealsBoard needs two new people to replace Judy Ivarie (Education) and Mary Ann Hanner (Sciences). Tidwell will contact Fischer to determine if there are alternates. It is up to the Admissions Appeals committee's by-laws to determine replacements.

    3. Student-Faculty Relations: No report. Benedict: Is Gary Kelly still the Student Government Representative to Faculty Senate? Tidwell will contact the Student Body President.

    4. Faculty-Staff Relations: No report

    5. VPAA Search Committee: Best: The deadline is today; there are 40 applications. Tentatively we will reduce to a list of 12 in early February, eight later in February, fly candidates into O'Hare, then bring five to campus after Spring Break. Internal candidates will be treated in the same way as external candidates.

    6. VPBA Search: The committee has not yet met. They are waiting for applications to come in. The Senate's representative in the committee will report to Tidwell as soon as a meeting is held. Feb. 1, 2001, is the deadline for applications.

    7. Steering Committee for Technology Enhanced and Delivered Education: Tidwell: The committee met last Friday afternoon. The plan is to have models on the website in the next several weeks. There will be six to eight public hearings on them. The TEDE grant applications deadline was Friday, January 12. There were 150 to 200 grant applications for up to $900.000. We will have $250-300,000 to distribute. The committee has worked very well in this process. Toosi: Earlier, $500,000 was designated for technology enhancement. Where is the rest of the money? Tidwell: It was assigned for equipment purchases to equip the new unit that is to be created. We expect also to have between 5 to 7 new people. Next year's budget proposal is for $350,000. Toosi: If no one is hired to run the place first, I am concerned that the new person will not want the equipment. Tidwell: We have to deal with what we have first. Fraker: Equipment purchases will be consistent with an overall plan, and should be workable. Toosi: I am concerned with how quickly equipment becomes obsolete.

    8. CAA Taskforce: Fraker: The first meeting is scheduled January 26 at 3:00 p.m.

    9. Electronic Grade Book Committee: Fraker: A second meeting was held this morning. Two different options were available, and it was decided to do on-line. The goal is to have instructors be able to turn in grades on-line and not have any grade-book associated with it. Instructors will access class lists that will be interactive to the end of semester, and then sent to the mainframe to process grades. There will be the same security as an academic advisor. Faculty members would still be able to turn in grades both ways initially, but the goal is to eventually go to full electronic grade submission. Fewell: Will this be web-based or university computer based? Fraker: They say it is within the university advising system. Fewell: That is not web-based. Fraker: There will be a problem among faculty members who do not regularly use the system and must renew their password at the end of the semester. Young: It is important that the old option be maintained for the foreseeable future. At SIU-E, all of the grades for the semester got lost, and they finally turned up two weeks later on a truck in St. Louis. Fraker: As long as they are in a trial phase, there is always going to be the two options. Fewell: What about verification of grades? Fraker: What concerns, issues, questions, do faculty members have as the committee sets this up? Canivez: What about user friendliness? Many faculty members do not use the current mainframe academic advising system because it is not user friendly. They better make it awfully easy to do. Benedict: Is there compatibility with spreadsheets and current grade books that professors are using? Fraker: No, there are so many different processes that people are using that it is not possible. You will be able to pull up the screen and type in the marks. Fewell: How will this system interface with the PAWS system that students use? Fraker: Once the deadline passes for grades, the data will be input into that system. Best: So, we will be key stroking the grades into the system. We should get some additional time to do so. If we get increased grading time, that is a nice thing about this. Fraker: If you view it that faculty members do not have to transcribe data onto sheets, then you have more time in your day. Addison: What about student hackers submitting grades for courses they are enrolled in? Password protection or not, I assume there are students who can do that. Young: If it is completely electronic, how will faulty members authenticate their grades? We have to sign the bottom of our sheets now. Fraker: You will submit electronically, then print out a copy and sign it. Benedict: Are other state Universities using this system? Are we cutting edge here? Fraker: We sent out questionnaires, and received a list of institutions using a similar system. We are probably on the front edge of the curve, but not cutting edge.

10. Council on University Planning and Budget: Tidwell: The committee meets this Friday, January 19, 2001, at 3 p.m. in the Arcola-Tuscola Room. Tidwell will report next week.

B. Appointment to Ad Hoc Calendar Committee: Tidwell: Two people have come forward: Mary Hogue, Speech Communication, and David Carwell, Political Science. Mary was first to submit. Addison: How do they feel about the Thanksgiving break issues? Could we send them a letter? Dilworth: Are they both qualified? Tidwell: Yes, I know them both personally. Fraker: Rather than having an individual carry a personal agenda, ask them to get the feelings and attitudes of the totality of faculty. Tidwell: We can invite her to Senate for discussion. Motion (Greer/Toosi) to send forth the name of Mary Hogue. Yes: Young, Zahlan, Addison, Benedict, Best, Brandt, Canivez, Dilworth, Eberly, Fewell, Fraker, Greer, Tidwell, and Toosi. PASSED.

C. Fall Forum: Tidwell sent the Senators previous recommendations excerpted from prior minutes via e-mail this past week. After detailed discussion about many of the recommendations, Tidwell agreed to take the Senate’s suggested revisions to the recommendations and bring in a document to be voted upon next week. The sense of the Senate was to list the recommendations without regard to the subcommittee from which they originated.

V. New Business:

A. Director of Greek Affairs Search Committee: Tidwell: We need appointments to two search committees, and both say to send names of two Faculty Senate members. Motion (Dilworth, Fraker) to forward the names of Bailey Young and Norman Greer. Yes: Zahlan, Addison, Benedict, Best, Brandt, Canivez, Dilworth, Eberly, Fewell, Fraker, Greer, Tidwell, Toosi, Young. Passed.

B. Director of Housing and Residence Life Search Committee: Motion (Fraker/Dilworth) to forward the names of Mori Toosi and Chuck Eberly. Yes: Addison, Benedict, Best, Brandt, Canivez, Dilworth, Eberly, Fewell, Fraker, Greer, Tidwell, Toosi, Young, and Zahlan. Passed.

C. State-Wide Senate Chairs: Tidwell: I assume the Senate members have no objections to my participation in this state-wide program

VI. Adjournment. Addison, 3:53 p.m.

    Future Agenda Items

    1. Radio/TV Center, Nilsen

    2. EIU Foundation, Laible


Respectfully Submitted,Charles G. Eberly, Recorder