October 24, 2000
(Vol. XXX, No. 10)

I. Call to order by James Tidwell at 2:05 p.m. (Conference Room, 2540 Buzzard Hall)

Present: W. Addison, R. Benedict, J. Best, G. Canivez, J. Dilworth, C. Eberly, B. Fischer, F. Fraker, R. Gruber, Student Senator G. Kelly, J. Tidwell, M. Toosi, B. Young, and A. Zahlan. Excused: Absent: P. Fewell, and N. Greer. Guests: J. Ryan, M. Beurskens

II. Approval of the minutes of October 17, 2000.

Motion (Fischer/Canivez) to approve the minutes of October 17, 2000.

Corrections: G. Canivez was absent but marked present. Senate met in 2540 Buzzard, not Booth Library. On p. 2, penultimate line, "Wall: No (not Mo), none that I know about." Approve: Gruber, Tidwell, Toosi, Young, Zahlan, Addison, Benedict, Best, Canivez, Dilworth, Eberly, Fischer, and Fraker. Passed.

Eberly: The October 17, 2000, minutes were not in faculty mailboxes on Friday, Oct. 20, due to a computer error in sending the minutes to the University Print Center. They will be distributed this week.

III. Communications:

A. Minutes of the Council on Academic Affairs--Oct 12, 2000

B. Agenda for the Oct. 19, 2000, CAA Meeting.

The motions to approve courses that were eliminated from the General Education program failed on identical 6-6 votes. The new Gen Ed requirements passed unanimously.

C. Minutes of the COEPS Curriculum Committee--Oct. 9, 2000

Approval was granted for an M.S. degree in College Student Affairs and one in School Counseling rather than the present M.S. (Ed). Degree in Guidance.

D. E-mail from Dean Frank Hohengarten concerning feedback on NCAA Certification

Self-Study Report--Oct. 20, 2000.

A draft of the self-study report is now on the web: http://www.eiu.edu/~acaffair/ncaa.htm and Hohengarten is seeking feedback. Written comments are requested by Nov. 15, 2000. Canivez said EIU athletes compared at or above the general student population on ACT scores and admission criteria, as well as in graduation rates.

E. Copy of letter from President Surles to Professor Floyd Merritt about naming the varsity tennis courts--Oct. 16, 2000

Surles appreciated Merritt’s comments and thought it was appropriate to name the new courts after Darling. She will forward the letter to the appropriate committee.

F. Memo from President Surles received Oct. 24, 2000. Surles wants to start the search for the VPBA soon. Tidwell will add the item to New Business today.

G. Survey from Student Senator Joe Ryan on campus issues. Fischer was doubtful about validity of the results. Dilworth: What instructor assigned this? I was surprised and somewhat offended by the survey. Zahlan: The motivation of the instructor should not be questioned. Young: It is commendable that students are taking an interest in the educational climate of this university. Fischer: Many of my colleagues tossed the survey due to the wording of items. G. Kelley: Senator Ryan's survey was not meant to be negative. He is one of the members who supported me in Student Senate on a bill for a faculty raise. Fischer: Bailey is right, I am glad somebody cares.

H. Fischer reported on a Champaign News-Gazette article about the EIU Faculty Union. The article noted that President Surles has attended only two Faculty Senate meetings since her arrival on campus. Young: Surles is welcome to attend at any time. Fischer: In her defense, we haven't asked her to come, but when she has been asked, she has attended. This week she told the Senate EC she would be glad to attend at any time. Young: We are not dissatisfied with her, and she is welcome to attend. Tidwell: There is simply no problem with her attendance at Senate.

IV. Old Business

A. Committee Reports

1. Executive Committee: EC met with President Surles for two hours last Thursday, Oct. 19. The first thing Tidwell mentioned was that maintenance and repair of computers on campus was reaching a crisis stage, and something had to be done. Surles was very understanding of the issue and requested Tidwell to write her a letter on the problem. Surles will talk with the people involved and then come back to the EC with ideas or plans to solve the problem. Toosi: One item to include in the letter is the problem we have with the system. We are not questioning any departments. EIU is buying so many computers these days, and we should give authority to departments to deal with suppliers in the future. Tidwell: Surles said she was aware of the problem of contractual arrangements at other Universities. Fischer said his computer crashed last week, and the staff was very cooperative.

Tidwell: Surles said the VPAA search was on schedule. Chair Irwin told Tidwell that everything she had suggested to the President about the search has been approved. The remainder of the time was spent dealing with recent events on campus. "Surles is somewhat unhappy about things that have been said about her, and that is about all I can say."

2. Elections: No report

3. Nominations: Canivez sent an email to the Deans indicating that no faculty members have volunteered for the Apportionment Board, and he requested the Deans to make appointments. Marilyn Lisowski has volunteered to serve as the COEPS Representative to the Library Advisory Board. Motion (Canivez/Fischer) to approve Lisowski for the COEPS seat on the Library Advisory Board. Yes: Tidwell, Toosi, Young, Zahlan, Addison, Benedict, Best, Canivez, Dilworth, Eberly, Fischer, Fraker, and Gruber. Passed. Tidwell: Lisowski will serve as an alternate this year, then serve for two years as a full member of the committee.

Zahlan: To what degree are faculty members to be pressured to serve on these committees? Canivez read the announcement to solicit faculty members for committees from Dean Ivarie as a response. Tidwell: The problem was if the Apportionment Board even had a quorum in some situations. Next spring is when members are really needed. Toosi: Faculty members are asked to participate, and we have a responsibility to do so. Zahlan: It seems to me the same people do it over and over. From what colleges and departments do people tend to serve or not serve? Tidwell: We can ask the Nominations Committee to check that.

Tidwell: Jonathan Blitz (Chemistry) will be on leave spring semester and will not be able to serve on the Intercollegiate Athletic Board. The IAB Chair, Gail Richard, may have an alternate available to serve.

Tidwell said he sent Canivez a letter that might resolve the Enrollment Management Advisory Committee problem from last spring when an extra member was appointed. Wafeek Wahby (Technology) said he had no problem with the issue and was willing to step down. Canivez will contact Wahby about serving on another committee.

4. Student-Faculty Relations: Student Senator Kelly: On Nov. 7, 2000, the Student Senate External Relations Committee will meet with the city, administrators, local citizens and faculty in an open forum. Any member of the community is welcome to attend at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.


5. Faculty-Staff Relations: No report.

6. VPAA Search Committee: The committee met yesterday afternoon to discuss the wording for the advertisement. Best said the committee did a really nice job to include all comments. The ad should meet the Nov. 6 deadline, to appear Nov. 17, 2000, in the Chronicle. A website is being designed to support the work of the VPAA search committee.

7. Steering Committee for Technology Enhanced and Delivered Education: Fraker has not yet been contacted by Chair Shonk. Tidwell reported that the committee has looked at several models from other universities, and the committee is progressing toward several to present to the campus. Tidwell expressed pleasure with the direction the committee is going, and will report to Senate weekly. The committee will also be addressing how faculty can obtain grant money.

Fraker: The Ad Hoc Electronic Grade Book Committee is set up for Nov. 14, Tuesday. Fraker will report to Senate after that time.

8. Other Committees: Benedict: CASL is looking at a spring forum.

B. Fall Forum: Tidwell said the Fall Forum got top billing in the University Newsletter this past week. Tidwell distributed a white paper by Arthur Levine, President of Teacher's College, Columbia University, on The Future of Colleges: 9 Inevitable Changes. Right now EIU is a "brick university" trying to become a "brick and click university." Best: The US Government is in the knowledge purchase business, and they will always be in it. Tidwell: service and research are both vitally important nationally. Tidwell read excerpts from the document.

Canivez affirmed that he would be Recorder for the Technology Support session.

C. Textbook Rental: Tidwell asked if any one had done anything about textbook rental. Eberly: since the minutes have not yet been received, we will have to wait another week.

D. Other Old Business: None.

V. New Business:

A. VPBA Search: Screening committee is in formation. Zahlan: What happened to the older committee? Was there a commitment to continue with the older committee? Were there more than two faculty members on the old committee? David Carpenter was our appointee. Zahlan: (Reading the announcement) The last paragraph of the announcement calls for two names. Tidwell to Eberly: Place a box in the Senate Minutes to solicit faculty members who are interested in serving. Tidwell: The key is the qualifications for

Faculty members wishing to serve on the Search Committee for the Vice President of Business Affairs are requested to contact Dr. James Tidwell, 581-7118, cfjat@eiu.edu, by October 30, 2000.

the position. Zahlan: If the makeup of the search committee is as presented, then the qualifications will be those that the President wishes. Tidwell: I don't disagree with that. The deadline for VPBA search is November 3, 2000. We must have nominees by next Tuesday. Tidwell said he would also send an e-mail to the Council of Chairs to solicit nominees. We will have to finalize this on next Tuesday, Oct. 31. Addison: If we have two faculty senators now, we could submit those two names. Tidwell: We do get criticized from time to time about always naming Senators.

Constitutional Changes: Toosi wanted to know what has been done with any Senate constitutional changes. Tidwell said the Elections Committee would address those issues.

VI. Adjourn: Gruber, 3:02 p.m.

Future Agenda Items

A. Report from Dr. Herb Lasky on Honors Program--Oct. 31, 2000

B. Fall Forum--November 7, 2000

Respectfully submitted,

Charles G. Eberly, Recorder


Eastern's Educational Mission in an Online World

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2000, Time: 2-4:30 p.m.

Location: Charleston-Mattoon Room, MLK Union (Breakout sessions also scheduled for Effingham, and Kansas rooms)

Sponsors: Faculty Senate, Council on Academic Affairs, Council on Graduate Studies, and Campus Chapter of University Professionals of Illinois

Format: Participants will convene in the Charleston-Mattoon Room for brief opening remarks and discussion. Then breakout sessions described below will convene at about 2:15 p.m. in assigned rooms of the MLK Union. Members of the Faculty Senate will act as coordinators and recorders of the discussions in each group. Each group will meet until about 3:30 p.m. Participants then will reconvene in the C-M Room and report on their discussions. The Faculty Senate will compile a report on the Forum to be distributed to the university community.

Breakout Sessions (The questions posed under each session are provided as a starting point and are not intended to limit discussions.)

Technology Support: infrastructure and instructional design

Do we have the network infrastructure, the personnel and the funding to maintain and support the hardware and software we need?

What kind of training and instructional design support do faculty members need and how do we provide it?

What's the appropriate organizational structure to effectively promote technology on campus?

Approval, assessment and evaluation of online courses

Should CAA, CGS and COTE treat online delivered courses differently in the approval process?

How do we evaluate online delivered courses?

How can assessment be used to promote the best instructional practices in the use of technology?

The role of technology in the Eastern mission

Can Eastern embrace online delivery of courses and still maintain its traditional emphasis on the undergraduate "residential experience"?

How can Eastern use new technologies to widen its outreach for both credit and noncredit courses?

How will new technologies affect Eastern's role in graduate education?