FOR APRIL 29, 1997

(vol. xxvi, no 29)


Present: J. Best, G. Foster, F. Fraker, B. Kirk, P. Lenihan, G. Lockart, H. Nordin, G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, D. Wolf, A. Zahlan Excused: N. Furumo. Guests: D. Jorns, C. Wise


A motion (Walker/Fraker) to approve the minutes of April 22, l997.

Addition: IV. E.1. A. Zahlan objected to having individuals discuss the reason for requesting to move into Executive Session with a member of the Executive Committee.

Yes - Best, Foster, Fraker, Kirk, Lenihan, Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain - Lockart


A. Minutes - Student Senate - 4/16/97

B. Memo - Faculty Senate recommendations on Technology-Policy & Planning- Sent to President Jorns and VPAA Weidner

C. E-Mail from Chris Merrifield requesting that issues/concerns be sent to her by e-mail (cfcm@eiu.edu)

D. Minutes - President's Council - 4/23/97

E. Minutes - Continuing Education Coordinating Council - 4/3/97

F. Memo from Jeanne Simpson regarding the Achievement & Contribution Awards Comm.

G. Minutes - Council on Graduate Studies - 4/15/97

H. Faculty Senate Counseling Center Task Force Report sent to C. Evans, D. Jorns, and T. Weidner.

I. Flyer on HB 1525 - Expansion of Tuition Waivers

J. Schedules for interviews for Director of Counseling Center

K. Rankings for Fiscal Year 1999 Capital Projects (Faculty Senate rankings)

L. Minutes - Council on Academic Affairs - 4/24/97

M. Minutes - Council on Teacher Education - 4/22/97

N. Annual Report of the Intercollegiate Athletic Board

O. Program from the Retirement Dinner and Reception - 4/25/97


A. Faculty Senate Year End Summary Report

Motion (Lenihan/Fraker) to accept the year-end summary report.

Yes - Best, Foster, Fraker, Kirk, Lenihan, Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Wolf. Abstain - Lockart, Walker, Zahlan

B. Election of Faculty Senate Officers for 1997-98

Motion (Simpson/Kirk) to nominate Gail Richard for Chair.

Motion (Schmidt/Walker) to nominate Anne Zahlan for Chair.

Vote - G. Richard - 10 A. Zahlan - 4 Gail Richard elected Chair.

Motion (Kirk/Zahlan) to nominate John Best for Vice Chair. Approved by acclamation.

Motion (Zahlan/Walker) to nominate Joan Schmidt for Recorder. Approved by acclamation.

C. Schedule for Summer Faculty Senate Meetings

June 24, l997 - 1:30 p.m.

July 15, 1997 - 1:30 p.m.

Faculty Senate is aware that the Constitution, Article IX, Sec. 1 states that The Faculty Senate shall meet at least twice monthly when the University is in session.

D. Committee Reports

1. Elections - Tidwell reported that he had no report and was waiting to hear from the COTE. P. Lenihan noted that in the COTE minutes of 4/22/97 that a subcommittee was formed to review the election process.

2. Nominations - Anne Zahlan distributed a copy of the Faculty Senate Appointments to Boards and Councils. Motion (Zahlan/Schmidt) to approve the appointments to boards and councils. Yes - Best, Foster, Fraker, Kirk, Lenihan, Lockart, Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Wolf, Zahlan.

A. Zahlan reported that there was a good pool of volunteers for the available positions and that an attempt was made to utilize as many different people as possible and to also assign them to boards/councils where they seemed to be most qualified. Not all volunteers were assigned but their names will be kept on file in case there is need for changes or additional appointments in the fall.

A. Zahlan expressed her thanks to other members of the committee - J. Best and L. Walker. Additionally, Zahlan thanked those who also served on the Distinguished Faculty Award Committee - R. Barford, J. Best, L. Walker and P. Bugielski.

A. Zahlan has volunteered to remain as chair of the Nominations Committee for 1997-98. J. Best complimented A. Zahlan for her work as chair.

3. Faculty-Staff Relations - no report

4. Faculty-Student Relations - no report

5. Executive Committee -The Executive Committee met on April 28, l997. The following items were discussed:

a. Request to publish the list of retirees in the University Newsletter

b. Clarification of the BOT Governing Policies-Article III & IV regarding the distribution of BOT to imply that materials would only be available at the library. However, Faculty Senate, Student Senate and Staff Senate would still receive recommended changes, etc. as they have in the past. The change was made to provide greater access to the materials, not decrease circulation. Action items are reported at a meeting and then voted on at the next meeting so interested individuals essentially have 3 months to read and react.

c. Interviews for the Assoc. VPAA will be scheduled after the 8 week summer session begins.

d. The number and the areas of representation on the VPAA search committee will be resolved by the end of the Spring semester. The actual call for names will not be made until the start of school in the Fall l997.

e. CUPB will meet on May 8 to review the prioritized FY 1998 Planning Initiatives. The revised Strategic Objectives will also be distributed with a request for further review and input.

f. The consultant's report on the Development Area was discussed. Chair Susan Gilpin will appoint a Board Oversight Committee to review the report and determine what will be implemented. Items discussed were: Changing Advancement Officer to a Vice President, the need to have a search for the vice president if that recommendation is accepted, the number of new positions recommended and the BOT's involvement in fundraising. The Faculty Senate will wait for the recommendations from the BOT before discussing in any detail. H. Nordin asked how fast the BOT will move on this. It was thought that the process would take 6 - 9 months and that school will be in session for the Fall when the final recommendations are made.

6. Other Committee Reports

Library Advisory Board - L. Walker reported that the Board met on 4/23/97 and requested that the Collections and Development Committee prepare a statement of the criteria it will use to allocate funds to develop the collection and present this statement to the Library Advisory Board for review and an opportunity to make recommendations prior to the actual allocation of the funds. G. Foster asked if there was any response to the discussion that occurred in Faculty Senate on April 15, l997, regarding a memo sent by several department chairs. L. Walker indicated that no one from the library staff attended the 4/23/97. In the past there have been representatives from the library at the Library Advisory Board meetings.

E. Other Old Business

L. Walker had a question about the discussion reported in the minutes regarding Executive Sessions. L. Walker asked if the concern involved the entire Executive Committee, what happens? G. Richard indicated that the Chair needs to take the Faculty Senate into Executive Session so the Chair needs to have information so that can be done. Executive Sessions are not for saving face or avoiding embarrassment. L. Walker wanted it to be made clear that the Executive Committee does not have decision making authority regarding Executive Sessions. The minutes did not state decisionmaking power but rather suggested that Executive Sessions be discussed with a member of the Executive Committee.


A. Agenda Items for June 24, 1997.

1. BOT Agenda

2. College Ballot Information

VI. ADJOURN - 3:25 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Joan K. Schmidt, Recorder