(vol.xxvi,no 26)


Present: J. Best, G. Foster, F. Fraker, N. Furumo, B. Kirk, P. Lenihan, G. Lockart, H. Nordin, G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, A. Zahlan. Excused - D. Wolf. Visitors- K. Alford, B. Anderson, C. Gallagher, J. Jones, D. Jorns, G. Lenihan, J. McGrath, J. Nilsen, J. Simpson


A motion (Tidwell/Foster) to approve the minutes of April 1, l997.

Correction - N. Furumo was excused, not absent

Yes - Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Lockart, Nordin, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell. Abstain - Walker, Zahlan


A. Minutes - President's Council - 4/2/97

B. Minutes - Council on Academic Affairs - 3/27/97

C. Minutes - Council on Teacher Education - 3/25/97

D. Minutes - Student Senate - 3/26/97 and 4/2/97

E. Memo from Chairs of CEPS re: Strategic Positioning Document

F. E-mail from Frank Parcells re: Information Technology Department policy

G. Memo from T. Weidner re: UPC Bylaws conformity to college alignments

H. E-mail from J. Simpson re: Counseling Center employee classifications

I. E-mail from A. Methven re: CAA composition/representation

J. Taskforce Report on Lower Division Student Academic Services to T. Weidner

K. Final recommendations on Taskforce on Lower Division Student Academic Services from T. Weidner

L. Memo from J. Simpson re: Achievement and Contribution Awards Committee

M. E-mail from C. Merrifield re: legislation update to Faculty Senate

N. E-mail from C. Merrifield re: names and addresses of individuals to whom the Faculty Senate MAP Resolution letter should be sent.


A. CUPB Planning Initiatives

Faculty Senate members received a copy of FY l998 Planning Initiatives at the 4/1/97 meeting. The initiatives are listed in priority ranking for each vice presidential area. A three person advisory committee in each area provided input for the rankings. G. Richard asked if the Faculty Senate wanted to endorse the initiatives as presented or if the Senate wanted to discuss specific items and vote on each area. There was discussion on the initiatives in the academic affairs area but some senators felt they did not have sufficient information to respond to each initiative.

MOTION (Foster/Lenihan) to follow the recommendations of the representatives from Faculty Senate (Richard & Tidwell) and if there are individual concerns that these should be sent to G. Richard. There was further discussion about the rankings and how the Senate wanted to proceed.

MOTION (Simpson/Lenihan) to call the question. Yes - Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Lockart, Simpson. No - Nordin, Schmidt, Walker. Abstain - Richard, Tidwell. (8-4-1)

Vote on the Foster/Lenihan motion. Yes - Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Lockart, Nordin, Schmidt, Simpson. No - Walker. Abstain - Richard, Tidwell, Zahlan. (10-1-3)

Faculty Senate can submit rankings to G. Richard and she will tabulate and send information to K. Furumo.

B. Counseling Center Taskforce Recommendations

MOTION (Kirk/Fraker) to accept the taskforce report/recommendations with modification suggested by the subcommittee.

B. Kirk reported that a subcommittee of the taskforce had met briefly to discuss the recommendations and to refine some of the statements. The taskforce recommendations appeared in the 4/1/97 Faculty Senate minutes. After considerable discussion, recommendation #1 was changed and became the preamble to the recommendations with additions in bold,underline:

There is concern that given the documented shift in the mission of the counseling center that there may be a tendency to emphasize career counseling/study skills as a primary mission goal and to de-emphasize direct counseling services for students. A perusal of the student issues presented this year alone indicates among the primary presenting problem areas are depression, anxiety, eating disorders and relationship problems as well as adjustments to college issues. Students and faculty need administrative reassurance that the integrity and purpose of the counseling center remain intact. Therefore the following recommendations are made:

Vote on the preamble - Yes-Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Lockart, Nordin, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain-Richard.

RECOMMENDATION #1-The Taskforce recommends that the counseling center continue to focus on providing personal counseling to the student body. To assist with this it is also recommended that the services of a board certified psychiatrist be sought for part time services.

Vote on Recommendation #1 - Yes - Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan,Lockart, Nordin, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain-Richard

RECOMMENDATION #2 - The Taskforce recommends that the autonomy of the center be maintained as critical to fulfilling its mission.

Vote on Recommendation #2 - Yes-Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Lockart, Nordin, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain-Richard.

RECOMMENDATION #3 - The Taskforce recommends that the counseling center remain as an academic unit with its own Departmental Application Criteria.

Vote on Recommendation #3 - Yes-Best, Foster, Fraker, Furumo, Kirk, Lenihan, Lockart, Nordin, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Zahlan. Abstain-Richard.

From the Taskforce Report in the 4/1/97 minutes recommendation #3 was eliminated. The subcommittee felt that the number of counseling sessions was an issue which should be addressed within the counseling center's procedures and was not a recommendation that could be acted upon by the Faculty Senate.

Recommendations #6 and #7 were dropped as these addressed contractual issues and therefore should not be voted upon by Faculty Senate.

Discussion on the Taskforce report and recommendations raised the following issues and concerns.

1. There appears to be some naivety on the part of the administration concerning the function of the counseling center and the importance of keeping it as an academic unit. The subcommittee discussed looking at the feasibility of having an advisory board for the center.

2. The issue of staffing with Ph.D counselors and with ASP master level staff was discussed at great length.

3. There was concern with the changing of faculty positions to ASP positions with the thought that this could occur in other areas on campus.

4. There was considerable discussion on the issue of the counseling center remaining as an academic unit so as to attract qualified Ph.D candidates to positions in the center and to provide an environment that enhances the center as a laboratory for students.

5. There was discussion as to whether the student body is best served by counselors who are also faculty or if fulltime counselors could better serve the students. There was no consensus on this issue with many senators expressing the importance of having the counseling center as an academic unit with faculty rank of the Ph.D. for the counselors.

6. There was also discussion on the issue that the Faculty Senate should not be recommending the DAC requirements for the counseling center when it is the responsibility of each academic department to do this.

7. Some senators felt a statement recommending Ph.D level counselors would endorse the importance of the counseling center as an academic unit and was not meant to determine the DAC for the center.

8. It was noted that the recommendation for the counseling center to remain as an academic unit also places the center under the same contractual agreement as other academic units on campus.

C.Ad Hoc Committee on Technology - J. Tidwell reported that the committee would be meeting on 4/ll/97.

D.Distinguished Faculty Award Committee Report - A. Zahlan reported that the l997 Distinguished Faculty Award Committee (R. Barford, P. Bugielski, J. Best, L. Walker, and A. Zahlan) agreed to nominate Dr. Marilyn Lisowski, Professor of Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle Level Education be the l997 recipient of Eastern's Distinguished Faculty Award.

E.Committee Reports

1. Elections -J. Tidwell did a coin toss for the representative to the COTE from PE, Leisure Studies, Health Studies. Kevin Hussey will be the representative.

2.Nominations - A. Zahlan reported that there have been several volunteers for the Boards and Councils. The deadline is noon on April 24, l997.

3.Executive Committee Report - The report from T. Weidner on the Task Force on Lower Division Student Academic Services was distributed to each member of Faculty Senate.


A. Agenda Items

1. Faculty Senate Year End Summary Report - 4/29/97

2. Faculty Senate appointee to Achievement & Contribution Awards Committee

B. Other New Business

1. G. Richard has requested that the Elections Committee meet and streamline the election procedures. This request is to be completed by the end of the current school year so that new procedures can be used in the Fall if necessary.

2. G. Richard has requested the Nominations Committee to review all campus committees for which the Faculty Senate makes appointments to determine if there is any redundancy in committees.

VI. ADJOURN - 4:05 (Walker)

Respectfully submitted,

Joan K. Schmidt, Recorder