Faculty Senate Minutes

of August 20, 1996 (vol. xxvi, no.1)

Called to order by Gail Richard at 2:03 p.m.

Present: J. Best, G. Foster, F. Fraker, N. Furomo, B. Kirk, H. Nordin, J. Ozier, G. Richard, J. Schmidt, J. Simpson, J. Tidwell, L. Walker, D. Wolf, A. Zahlan

Visitors: B. Anderson, D. Jorns, J. McGrath, N. Strong, T. Weidner

I. Approval of the Minutes of May 7, 1996

A. III.B.1. The sentence should read, "B. Kirk introduced the discussion by expressing his concern regarding any reduction in counseling center staff."

A motion (Schmidt/Wolf) to approve the minutes of May 7 as corrected passed (13-0-1).

Yes: Best, Foster, Fraker, Furomo, Kirk, Nordin, Ozier, Richard, Schmidt, Simpson, Tidwell, Walker, Wolf

Abstain: Zahlan

II. Communications

A. Discussion of unofficial notes of non-quorum meeting of June 11, 1996;

B. Memo from Anita Shelton to Chair Richard resigning her Senate seat; Chair Richard expressed the appreciation of the Senate for Dr. Shelton's service last year.

C. An exchange of e-mail between John Simpson and Martha Brown regarding moving Senate archives from the old Senate office temporarily to Senator Simpson's office; Dr. Brown writes, "The office space has some very happy occupants and we are most appreciative." The office is now part of the Child Care Resource and Referral Project in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences.

D. A copy of Senator's Simpson's July 15 Constituency Report to the BOT, a copy of the meeting agenda, a copy of the Minutes of the May 10 BOT meeting, a copy of the EIU Report to the Board of Trustees

E. Memo from Dean Hine regarding membership on the Continuing Education Coordinating Council; a copy of the Continuing Education Coordinating Council By-Laws

F. Memo from Lewis H. Coon regarding Senate Bill 241 and other documents

G. Minutes of the President's Council of June 11, June 12, July 10, July 17, and July 31

H Memo from John Simpson correcting multiple errors concerning the Senate budget in a letter by John Allison which appeared in the DEN op-ed page June 26

I. Memo from Stuart Michelson regarding appointment to the Judicial Board

J. Memo from Genie Lenihan regarding the "prompt and definitive action taken at the Senate meeting regarding" the role of the Counseling Center in the discussions of the University College proposal

K. Memo from Dr. Bud Sanders protesting "the proposed organizational change of the Counseling Center"

L. Document from Charles Eberly entitled "The Privatization of College Counseling Services: A Preliminary Investigation."

M. Memo from Robert Wayland regarding a replacement on CGS for Andy Methven during his Fall Semester sabbatical leave; refered to Nominations Committee

N. As an item of general information, the Senate thanks Dr. Floyd Merritt for his initiative in suggesting that the University name the Varsity Tennis Courts after Rex Darling. This action honoring Rex Darling was consummated by the BOT at the July 15 meeting.

III. Orientation

A. Chair Richard highlighted sections of the Constitution. Among such matters were:

(1) the Senate's desire that students appointed by the Student Senate could attend Faculty Senate meetings regularly to promote better communication;

(2) Chair Richard reminded the Senate that no official meeting of the Faculty Senate can occur without the required quorum of ten Senators present;

(3) any member of the University community can be recognized by the Chair and can then address the Senate;

(4) although the Senate will take into consideration matters requiring immediate action, items not appearing as tentative agenda items in the Minutes of the previous meeting will not receive final action at the first meeting at which they are considered.

B. Regarding the By-Laws, Chair Richard reviewed the four standing committees of the Senate and reminded the Senate that all voting in the Senate is now by roll call.

C. Regarding general operating procedures, Chair Richard clarified that items brought before the Senate be divided into (1) information items to be discussed, and (2) action items requiring motions and formal debate within the parameters of the motions. When Senators bring items or questions before the Senate, these Senators should do whatever research might be required and present such information when these items appear on the agenda the better to distribute responsibility within the Senate. Such reports may then direct formal discussion and debate. Such informational reports on action items should be reserved for the appropriate point in the agenda, whether Old or New Business.

D. Chair Richard clarified the Standing Committees of theSenate and their roles and accepted volunteers to these Committees:

(1) Nominations Committee: A. Zahlan, J. Best, L. Walker

(2) Elections Committee: G. Foster, B. Kirk, F. Fraker, H. Nordin

(3) Student-Faculty Relations Committee: J. Ozier, J. Simpson, N. Furomo

(4) Faculty-Staff Relations Committee: J. Schmidt, D. Wolf, one as-yet-unvolunteered member

IV. Old Business

A. Douglas DiBianco

Since Dr. DiBianco considers the matter regarding him as both a personal and personnel matter, he requests that the Senate drop this item from the agenda. By consensus, the Senate will honor his wish and drop this item forthwith.

B. Bob McBee's resignation as Athletic Director and other matters regarding Athletics

Former Senator John Allison had submitted three sets of questions regarding these matters. The Senate discussed these matters. Because some of these matters appear to be personnel matters, because there has been ample speculation and little explanation, and because Vice President of Student Affairs and Acting Athletic Director Hencken is eager to visit with the Senate on these matters, the Senate will include these matters as agenda items and continue detailed discussion at the meeting August 27.

C. Reports

(1) Vice Chair James Tidwell reported on his arduous labor to establish a Faculty Senate web site and discussed the various capabilities of this web site. Among other matters listed, or to be listed, presently are the revised Senate Constitution and By-Laws, weekly editions of Senate Minutes, current Senate committees, the agenda of upcoming meetings, and the names, departments, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of current Senators. URL is http:/www.ux1.eiu.edu/~cfjat/facultysenate.html

D. Chair Richard reported on the progress of the Athletic Director Search Committee. There was discussion of the membership of the committee. The committee has not yet met. The first meeting is scheduled for September 1.

E. Senator French Fraker reported on the progress to develop the Administrator Performance Appraisal Process. He outlined the goal, purpose, benefits, feedback sources, and appraisal cycles of this process. the gist of the process is, "What are the core issues that make a good administrator?"

V. New Business

A. Appointments to University Committees and Boards

The Senate issues a call for faculty interested in serving on the following committees and boards: Apportionment Board, Library Advisory Board, University Union Advisory Board, Intercollegiate Athletic Board, Continuing Education Coordinating Council, Child Care Committee, Textbook Rental Service Committee, Council of Graduate Studies. Those faculty interested in serving should contact Anne Zahlan, Chair of the Nominations Committee, nolater than noon Friday, August 30. Dr. Zahlan's phone number is 581-6977, e-mail cfarz@eiu.edu

B. Other new business

(1) Senator Walker requested of Chair Richard clarification of items in the July 17 Minutes of the President's Council, especially "those legislative issues of interest to the University." He also requested clarification of the status of a formal search for a Vice President of Academic Affairs, given Dr. Weidner's approaching retirement.

(2) Senator Kirk raised questions regarding the University Calendar. Chair Richard suggested that the Senate could include this item as an agenda item next week for discussion with VPSA Hencken.

(3) Chair Richard announced the tentative schedule of Senate Executive Committee meetings with President Jorns: 8-26, 9-6, 9-30, 10-21, 11-6, 11-18, and 12-2.

(4) the Senate discussed the need for a Fall Forum to discuss all aspects of the proposed University College proposal.

(5) The Senate issues a call to the faculty to communicate to the Senate your issues and concerns.

(6) Tentative agenda items for August 27: University College, the academic calendar, the Athletic Budget and related matters, the administrative performance appraisal process

VI. The Senate adjourned at 3:55

Respectfully submitted,

John Simpson, Secretary/Recorder